Inspired by recent incident of innocent Zainab of Qasur; I have to tried to highlight reasons and solutions of Child abuse and other associated crimes.

Pakistan Visit, 2017 

                                                          From diaries of an expat After living about Nine years abroad, I recently finished yet another annual visit to Pakistan and as usual it left many impressions. Meeting a Stranger, route to Karachi I landed in Lahore from Doha and right away my next destination was Sargodha. In Daewoo Bus, a man sitting next … Continue reading Pakistan Visit, 2017 

“War of Perception: Cunning Neighbors and Ignorant friends”

Reviewing India’s fake propaganda history and TO DO’s for Pakistan! On 18th September, 2016; four gunmen attacked an Indian Army brigade headquarters in Uri, near the Line of Control. 17 Indian army personnel were killed in the attack. As expected, Indian media and security officials put the blame on Pakistan. Like each terrorist event in … Continue reading “War of Perception: Cunning Neighbors and Ignorant friends”

Destructive topics in Pakistani Dramas!

“Reviewing current trend of unhealthy topics like Divorce and invitation for producing healthy dramas with strong topics!!!” In my school days, there was a scenario in a drama named ‘Ye Zindagi’ featuring Nauman Aijaz and Mah Noor Baloch. After a brisk love marriage, the couple broke up soon after; however, after realizing this fatal mistake … Continue reading Destructive topics in Pakistani Dramas!

“TIP” that sinks the Ship! #55

"Despite of doing justice with work &caring for quality of service,often certain workers solely work for fetching extra money from clients"…  There is trend in Qatar for giving away amounts of money to people involved with low paid jobs like taxi drivers,waiters, cleaners and barbers etc at the end of receiving their service. Usually these people do not ask their clients; they … Continue reading “TIP” that sinks the Ship! #55