Top five ways to improve your mental health

“Taking care of your mental health in Today’s COVID-19 scenario is more important than ever!”

Mental health has been a topic of concern for a long time; its impacts have drastically increased after the advent of social media and have further amplified after the COVID-19 scenario. It’s worthy to note that people with severe mental health issues die prematurely.

Some major mental health issues are mood disorders such as depression, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, trauma-related disorders, and substance abuse disorders.

Studies exist for today’s new realities; however, it will eventually take more time until modern-day mental health issues are comprehensively analyzed. Nevertheless, it’s always good to go back to basics. In this blog, we highlight Top five ways to keep your mind healthy.


Stay connected with people: having good social relationships is very important; always be available for your loved ones and prefer quality over quantity. You may have thousands of friends over social media, but only true ones will be available in time of need.

Give: either your precious time or help the needy one financially. Studies have found that when we give charity, it activates regions of our brain associated with pleasure, satisfaction, and trust; creates a self-esteem warm glow effect. Also, transfer this habit to your next generations so that goodness continues.

Mindfulness: be present. Try to see what people are going through, feel what are they trying to say? Enjoy the weather, look around, look up at the stars. Absorb the current moment rather than just filming it. Live!

Stay physically active: as chances of having a healthy mind increase if you have also had a healthy body. Instead of using a lift, use stairs. Walk short distances. Go out and have a stroll with your family. Again the research has shown keeping active can lift mood and increase fitness by releasing helpful chemicals to the brain.

Adopt a hobby close to your heart: Never let your dreams die. Having a hobby makes you happy and reduces depression levels. Adopting our favorite hobby will add purpose to our lives. You may adopt reading, writing, and gardening, etc. Keep your passions alive!

It’s crucial to be aware of the psychological impacts of this era. Give yourself time, be conscious, and adopt healthy practices. Even if you have all the material things but if your mind is not healthy, you will keep struggling for peace & happiness forever. Try out some of the tips given above to enhance your mental health.

Your mental health is crucial for yourself and everyone around you. Act now and make a difference!

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