1781710_664295210299186_1350111447_nRemembering a robbery back in 2011’

I was robbed in Karachi back in 2011 at the Eid-ul-Fitar Chand Raat alongside my uncle while returning from EID shopping…They looted us at the gun point…This was my first such experience…When I look back, I re-call many small things and when try to sort out reasons behind them , I feel pity!

We had a happy round of shopping from the United King Bakery in Gulistan-e-Jauhar purchasing cakes and Nimko for the EID’s first day. We were coming back in a car which my uncle was driving. We were doing all sorts of Intellectual discussions which ranged from local situation up to the world politics. In the row of discussion, we were not very conscious of things happening around. Then, when we took a turn from Korangi Industrial area and suddenly we saw a motorcyclist knocking at the window glass shouting something loudly. My uncle tried to conceive what’s going on and a flash came in my mind that these are snatchers. I shouted at uncle to stop the car immediately ‘Gari rok dain, Lutairay agaye hai’.

We were stopped at a very SUNSAAN PLACE and during the stopping process, I asked my uncle to solely Co-Operate with them in each regard and not try to cope them…It was a Gang of 6 Guys on 3 motorbikes. We surrendered and they shouted JALDI JALDI CASH NIKAL…Uncle raised his hands asked them to take whatever they can find and lost his mobile along with cash…Since I am an obedient kid right from childhood, So I straightaway took out my purse(since they were emphasizing on cash only) and handed over to that guy who came to my side and said ‘BHAI SARA CASH IS WALLET MAI HAI’…worthy to mention, my Gulf sim was also in that wallet (So, In that sudden imagination, I was having a full KHUARI while re-purchasing Qatar sim coming back in Qatar)…But that guy was so generous that he took his full time to take out cash and returned my wallet after taking all the money…”HATS OFF MATE, meri khuari bach gayeee”…Believe it or not my Nokia E-72 remained in between my legs and was saved amazingly…My Obedient nature paid me, I handed over only what they demanded while uncle lost everything he had, trying to be Hoshiyar with them…Gals and Guys, learn with this thing for YOUR TURN…

Snatcher’s Generosity, Some Observations

While in all previous instances of people being looted, they often say YAAR RAQAM TU PHIR AJAYE GI, WOH MERI SIM TOU DE JATA, YA WO MERA NIC/CARD TOU DE JAATA…Dacuu’s have considered this behavior as we see in my case, the Gentleman returned my Wallet without demand and save me from queuing at sim counters and many visiting cards also were secured…

The other thing I noticed, at they Snatching time, the blood was all over their minds and they could trigger the button anytime during robbery…I think they were very young DAKUU’S coz they seems to be pretending this act and their voice was not complementing their actions. In fact they were fearful of counter attack…Thanks GOD they did not trigger!

In the end, they pulled out the Car keys and throwed it nearby…Uncle shouted O BHAI, CHAABI TOU DETA JA…Believe it or not, they stopped instantly and pointed out the place where they throwed the key…Well those thieves had ethics mate!

Reasons behind Snatching/Looting

Those Guys were aged around mid 20’s and must be compelled to do this job under certain pressures…I do not know whether they were able to take our snatched items or they were shot somewhere in the way…Such people mostly are driven due to social Injustice, lack of Merit/Opportunities, some political backing and Hunger…Or sometimes just for FUN…Whatever reason maybe, thorough re-thinking is required from all corners of society. As the time passes, we are indeed falling into deep crap…A society in which certain people take their own share of SADAQA’S forcefully from your pocket…

In Pakistan, different jobs are categorized based on pay scale and Glamour. Everybody wants to get a suited booted high pay job. If an educated person does not get some work, he also intends to do such things and is shy/shameful to work like working on petrol pump or in some restaurant. This is mainly because such professions are not regarded in our society and does not carry much respect. Why can not we realize that No work is Big OR small, the real thing is how you do any work…May we realize this sooner rather than later…

Message to Short Cut Guys

“Waqt-e-Dua hai…ajeeb waqt kuch hum pe para hai…Mazloom hee loot raha hai aur Mazloom hee lutt hai…” Distinctions are vanishing with time…Change in mental approach is required; government surely will not come foreword and seriously resolve these issues. People who are blessed also have greater responsibility to be aware of fellows struggling around. For people involved in such snatchings, “there are many other ways of earning/getting money and improving our economic condition rather than being involved in easy money which may have adverse impacts on lives of other people…Looting/shooting somebody might be a way of income for you, but it may sometime become life denting for somebody else”…

Above feeling is Dedicated To: All young snatchers/looters “Rather becoming a black spot to society, you must take lessons from our hard working labor earning Rizq-e-Halal who work day long but return to their homes with eternal satisfaction and pride”


This article was published at following, Published date 30th January, 2014


A Robbery in Karachi…! – M.Sultan Shah

Article No: 14

2014 Ke Neeru, 2014 ki Bansuri #13


“Comparison of Rome’s only Neeru and Pakistan’s team of Neerus”

A work of fiction based on our ground realities…Invitation to choose your path…Neeru OR Shaheen”

You have to make your choice…NOW OR NEVER!

This is night of 13th August, 2047 exactly after 100 years of Independence, Pakistan is remarked as one of the Greatest Nations of the world. Everywhere we see respect for Pakistan and Pakistanis. Most sophisticated researches going on everywhere and steps towards innovation and creativity seem to be a norm. Worthy to mention background, Pakistan survived its worst days during early 21st century and was rescued ultimately when Pakistanis woke up after paying heavy losses of thousands of precious lives.

Shahbaz of early 21st century is old now and usually invited by Pakistan’s prestigious institutions to give lectures based on his experiences. This day on verge of 14th August, he is being invited to Pakistan’s most advanced University to express his feelings.

“This is a live transmission and proud presentation of Pakistan Television Networks.” There is an interactive session going on with students. So join us viewers…

One student doing research on “How to avoid collective failure in life of Nations” asks him this question:

“Shahbaz Sahib, 2013-14 ke Pakistan main anarchy aur disintegration ki kya Wajoohaat thee’n???”

Shahbaz takes a big sigh, gives few moments of silence with a mixed smile of esteem and grievance and starts telling the young Generation:

“My dear children, you must have heard about the Old Rome that” Jab Rome jal raha tha tou Neru Bansuri (Flute) baja raha tha”. You must know this is quoted whenever somebody ignores his responsibility and layback like a stranger when his assets are burning/annihilating. In my era of 2014, NEERU’s (of Rome) record was broken (with huge margin) as at that time Pakistan has not only one NEERU but was overflowing with such NEERUS who were orchestrating something else while their country needed them to save her… Ahhhh…Mere bacho, picking up out some classical examples out of dozens of NEERUS; I will tell you about major culprits of this nation. Listen and learn for taking IBRAT. Never ever follow their footsteps…”

Neeru with Bansuri of an Ex. General

Dear sons and daughters: “When the country was heading towards a full fledge anarchy and was invaded from all corners by its enemies; this man still did not leaned from his past mistakes. This Guy kept on victimizing his rivals. He raised the issue of an Ex. General and Article-6 during the time when this matter had nothing to with the state of affairs. He wasted the time of whole nation while the weak courts/justice system was prolonging this issue which perfectly complemented this mess. While the armed forces of Pakistan were fighting and sacrificing in each and every corner of country, this man by raising General’s issue stabbed the nation. This case not only ignited the situation but also defamed our beloved armed forces.”

“India was attacking from each and every corner and this Goofy was so stupid and kept saying: “ham sab tu aik jaise hee hain, aik jaise khane khate hai; bas aik line hee tu hai naqshe pe jo aa gayee hai” clear violation of Two Nation theory. This man has no self dignity and neither cared about self respect of Pakistanis.”

NEERU with Bansuri of Fair Elections, Polls and Change

Dear Children: “While the country was burning, this CHANGE GUY was fluting his Bansuri and trying to revive DEMOCRATIC VALUES in Pakistan. This man did not realized what sort of WAR was Pakistan facing and always kept on saying “Hakumat apne logon ko kyun maar rahee hai” this man did not realized that those who kills innocent persons in shopping Bazars and kills Namazis in Mosques can not be “Hamare OR Apne log” He kept on calling this proxy armies of enemies as Pakistanis. He kept on weeping about rigging in elections and bringing change through ballot boxes. He wanted to become PM at any cost. Lack of proper approach even faded his patriotic personality and his work for Pakistan. He did not read the trick at time of anarchy and become a main character in increasing the Mess.”

Neeru with Bansuri of New Provinces…Hate, Divide and Further Divide

Dear Shaheens: “There were few great characters who tried to further divide the country into more and more provinces. They kept on bushing about constitutional amendments and promises of federal government for making new provinces. These NEERUS were responsible in dividing the nation and became biggest of barriers in National Unity. They were even involved in treacherous and horrendous activities and many of their followers could not recognize their real faces. Under their presence, Pakistan did not needed any external army to invade them.”

Neeru with Bansuri of ‘Jamhooriyat ka Husn’!

Dear children: “Then there were characters that always fluted the nation with fake promises and evil lies. They were ruthlessly looting the national wealth without any care for poor people. They kept on singing songs of Jamhooriyat. Mard-e-Jamhooriyat, Khatoon-e-Jamhooriyat, Phupha-e-Jamhoorit and Mammlikat-e-Jamhooriyat aur pata nahee kon kon si Jamhooriyat…In their era Jamhooriyat ne Pakistanio se aisa inteqaam liya ke bechare awaam Jamhooriyat ke name se darne lagay… Short sighted and mean, can not tell you beyond that!

Key Question

One student raised up “Shahbaz Shaib, what was media doing at that time, they must have resisted all these NEERUS you told us about”?

Hahahahahahahahahahaha Shahbaz was wildly laughing. He suddenly stopped and looked the Hall with such an elegant gaze that “It was Pin drop silence in the hall; poor students could not bear his presence and DABDABA”

 “So let me tell you about the most venomous NEERU; it was none other than media.” Old Shahbaz roared like a Lion.”

Students started looking at each other unbelievingly. “Media aur NEERU, ye kaise ho sakta hai???” Everybody was whispering.

Neeru with Bansuri of Disinformation

Shahbaz continued:

“Tipu Sultan of Mysore was a brave character in history and was eliminated mainly by involvement of his own people. High dignitaries of the Mysore Government, including Dewan Purnia, Prime Minister Mir Sadiq, and Mir Ghulam Ali, were in secret league with the British. The final assault on the city was fixed for May 4th, 1799. On that day, according to the plan, Mir Sadiq started distributing salaries to the army. The soldiers left their posts and hurried to receive their pays. At that moment, the British troops in conjunction with the treacherous elements in the fort, crossed the Kaveri, stormed the opening guarded by Syed Abdul Ghaffar together with his few gallant soldiers, and entered the fort. Brave Tipu embraced Shahadat due to treachery of shortsighted people.” (Reference 01 at the end)

“It’s very easy to understand the role of majority of Pakistan media by listening to what I told you about traitors in Mysore. While ship of Pakistan was drowning down and down, they were attacking Pak army and every now and then demanded the trial and accountability of Pak army leadership. They raised questions about Pak army’s budget. They did not see the time, Mir Sadiq distributed salaries on the day and Pakistan media was defaming and screwing Pak army while the army and nation needed their support the most.”

“Many of them were alleged and convicted for getting foreign funding to act against Pakistan’s national interests”

“Big chunk of media did not tell the nation about our real heroes and kept on flourishing Indian culture among masses. People forgot speaking and writing Urdu and used to speak in Hindi-Urdu-English mix, Complete Mess…..following footsteps of media, Pakistan nation was flooded with all sorts of forign festivals and they almost forgot their own identity…”

The clock ticked up BANG BANG, It was 14th August,2047; Pakistan reached its 100 years and everybody stood up to Pay regard to their beloved motherland. Pak Sarzameen Shad bad… Shahbaz was murmuring National anthem with tears in his eyes. “Shukar khudaya tu ne mujhe ye din dekhaya, mere mulk ko NEERU se nijaat dilai, ab main sakoon se mar sakta hoon” Shahbaz was connecting with his beloved Allah (S.W.T)

Shahbaz finally wakes up

“Shahbaz beta uth jao, u are getting late from work”. Shahbaz suddenly wakes up while his mother calling him. Shahbaz could not believe this and it was a fine morning of January 2014. “Shahbaz beta, I have read outline of your article; you have written an excellent article but who are these NEERUS???”

“Kuch Nadaan Dost aur Kuch Dana Dushman” Shahbaz replied, he was dead serious at that time.

Mom left the room very content thinking how sensitive her son was; always caring for his country and people.

“Wait mother” Shahbaz called his mother…

“Kia hua beta” Mother asked

“Mai Neeru nahee… Iqbal ka shaheen banna chahta hoon Ammi jaan” Shahbaz said looking down!

“You know what…you ARE Shaheen of Iqbal; only you do not know your real Potential. Now stood up, go outside and never let Pak Sarzameen and Sabz Hilali Parcham down mera beta” … Shabash meri jaan! Go, Pakistan need you!”

While each and every Shabaz within us read these lines with tears, our motherland lying on stretcher bed must be showing some signs of improvement thinking “My Shaheen’s are not dead, they feel for me ,they think for me and I will be an active and vibrant Pakistan soon ; a symbol of pride for generations to come”…


Reference 01: http://www.renaissance.com.pk/Octletf94.html


This article was published at following, Published date 22nd January, 2014



 Article No: 13




Without Ishque and Junoon for Pakistan, Does matching of dates & days really matter today???

Right at the verge of 2014 dawn, we came to know about the resemblance (in fact similarity) between the Calendar of 2014 and that of 1947. Year 1947 being the year of Independence for Pakistan has a special place in our History and Hearts. So, some people celebrated this thing as a joy (all over facebookand social media) that this resemblance has some special meaning and that some revolution or positive major change is going to happen in Pakistan due to this similarity. I was also very surprised and glad to see this special thing happening. But it’s important to think, does this really matter today???


In 1947, Leadership was sincere and selfless. We see examples of Quaid-e-Azam setting himself a nominal salary as first governor General of Pakistan. We see him paying expanses for himself and his sister Fatima Jinnah’s personal items by his own pocket. We see the cabinet meetings serving only glass of water as they were servants to the common man and public money was sacred to them. In 2014, we see corrupt/characterless leadership and scandals about ministers which no common man think of. Leadership is having their wealth, interests and family outside Pakistan and running the business with a mindset of MUJHE KIA MILE GA??? In 2014, we see the country’s PM not trusting anybody apart from his family. We see him not bothering to attend national assembly sessions. Leaders (OR so called leaders) have lost their worth and can not go outside without tight security.


In 1947, people were having a devotion to Pakistan and its Ideology. They left their lavish lifestyles and forefather’s land on a concept/dream which seemed impossible to become a reality. They gave their lives to make Pakistan and to reach this sacred homeland. They did not knew what is going to happen with them in a new country but still they left their homes back in India and ran towards Pakistan crazily with Ishq and Junoon. In 2014, people are divided and few are those who are proud Pakistanis; mainly due an atmosphere of misery created around them. People do not trust each other and interested in their own interests only. People born with a Pakistan nationality have doubts about Pakistan. Person having a foreign passport is seen as lucky and something special.


System was very raw and Pakistan was just like a new born child in 1947. Still people working in Pakistan government Offices showed heroic devotion which is written with golden words in our history. They had fewer resources at the time but they worked untiringly to build the state. In 2014, we have almost everything apart from the will to work. Obviously, I am talking about the incompetent and dishonest people in the government offices. We have fixed rates for various government vacancies (as per best of my knowledge) and people aim to get back that bribed money with added Interest.

State of affairs

Within few years of creation of Pakistan, having above mentioned will and devotion, Pakistan became one of the fastest growing economies in the world at that time and even far ahead than China and Korea. PIA was amongst the best airlines in the world. Pakistan was unbeatable in Hockey and we were proud of our Identity. But today, we see a decline in almost every field and our enemies make sure to show us far worst picture than actual reality. Pakistan is fighting a very vague war and wasting her Army to thisAdventure which was never justified… Today, we do not know whether we are in a state of War or whether this is some terrorism. Lots of confusion all over!

Year of 2012

2012 was also a fresh air when we came to knew about 14th August will fall on 27th of Ramzan. Many of us compared this exact resemblance with Independence Day of 1947 which saw barakat’s of 27th night of Ramadan. 27th Ramadan came exactly or with one (1) day difference to 14th August, 2012 but we saw 2012 as one of the bloodiest and disastrous years Pakistan has ever witnessed. Nothing special happened!

It’s the mental state that Matters…

Like many others, I am also overwhelmed to see such resemblances but believe only resemblance will not do the trick for us. We have to awake thatPassion and Junoon for Pakistan again like 1947.We are confused in which language to adopt, which system to follow. We can not conceive and realize the presence of Quran and Sunnah as our supreme guidelines. Events which happened in two weeks odd of this January, 2014 have shown us the mirror. Under current circumstances, only some miracle could create circumstances like 1947 in 2014. We are short of will to struggle and belief today as whole nation. Faith in Allah and believing in ourselves and our foundations can make every year like 1947 regardless of matching of days and dates…


This was first published in following, firstly on 18th  January,2014



Article No: 12

Rabi-ul-Awwal and Shahbaz #11

“Introduction to a righteous Person within all of us and his feelings this Rabi-ul-Awwal”

This Rabi-ul-Awwal, Shahbaz was thinking of how to celebrate Birthday of his beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.). Considering him of being a very ordinary man in whole of Prophet’s Ummah, Shahbaz was very confused and depressed this year. Horrific scenes of Muslims invaded lands were circulating in his mind every other day. He could not forget the use of chemical Weapons in Syria and video of dying children with utmost pain. Each and every Muslim land including Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Parts of Pakistan etc was revolving in his mind one after the other. “What phase are we going through as an Ummah?” he asked himself. But no answer came from within…

Two Extremities:

“Have we got any right of calling ourselves an Ummah?” somebody deep inside him whispered…Then his mind and conscious showed him two discriminate screens. One screen was showing all sort of heinous and terrible events that Muslims were going through. He recalled screaming of an Iraqi man yelling at Muslim leadership on a TV show live call and tears in the eyes of program hosts. Then his mind flashed back and heard shouting and weeping of Dr.Afia Siddiqui (from far) who was captivated in USA. He then saw (on the screens of his conscious) one Poor Palestinian kid stoning an Israeli tank. He made a big sigh and recalled shameful event of Raymond Davis in Lahore, who killed two Pakistanis and ran away keeping whole Pakistan nation in an ashamed state. He then slapped himself when he realized some evil characters (with involvement of Governments) every now and then itching and Challenging whole Muslims nation by coming up with blasphemous Pictures and Videos of his beloved Prophet (S.A.W.). He cannot believe himself. “How can I (and millions others) bear all this and still call myself one of Prophet’s (S.A.W.) followers???” Shahbaz kicked himself…

The other screen displayed some really different features. He recalled millions of Dollars spent by Dubai on a new year’s (nothing to do with Muslim Ummah) fireworks celebrations. Should this have been done, closing eyes towards deprive Muslims brothers? Lavish life style of Muslims rulers then came in his mind who has forgotten what Muslim brotherhood actually is? They just want to take care of themselves, their families and their power seats. They do not care what is happening to the rest of the world and from where the refugee

Muslims brothers will eat? “Kalma Tayyab” written at the face of Pakistani Parliament house (Islamabad) then flashed in his mind and then he began counting dirty and heinous crimes committed by people inside the parliament which was created to establish government of Allah and his Rasool (S.A.W). He began screaming with pain…

Celebrations: Last Sermon of Prophet (S.A.W.)

When he opened TV channels, he saw all sorts of gleaming and decorations on the occasion of EID-E-MILAD shareef. People were celebrating with full love and devotion to the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Mere Allah “ye sab kia hai???” he sighed looking up somewhere far in the skies. Such an intense display of Ishq-e-Rasool (S.A.W) these days and what will happen in rest of the year? Same ignorance, same attitude, same selfishness??? Why we cannot display and remember Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) all the times, all year. Why we cannot try to follow his footsteps along with celebration??? Can we ever become Sadiq and Ameen??? Puzzled up, then he started reading last sermon of Prophet (S.A.W.)

Reading the last Sermon through, he came to the following lines:

“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.”

He was not able to read anything after that. He held his head with both hands and went back to the word “Brotherhood”, where is brotherhood today? Muslim world’s map laid down in front of his eyes some countries of which were rich and others were poor; definitely not doing justice with each other. Thought of discrimination on the basis of breed, color and ethnicity left him speechless and blank.

Every other person Shahbaz meets wants to see brotherhood but is unable to implement sacrifice in his life. Divide and discrimination is evident in all spheres of life. Rich and powerful oppressing their own poor people…Is this the brotherhood we were taught of? Why people call me an Urdu speaking, a Punjabi, a Balochi, a Pashtun or a Sindhi? I am Shahbaz and I am a Muslim (enough for me) and every other Shahbaz living in my country (and beyond) is my brother. In Pakistan, we could not spread brotherhood till this time so how can we talk about global Muslim brotherhood? He was really confused to see the verdict given by the Prophet (S.A.W.) and the things on ground going on with Muslims all over the world.

Shahbaz finally bows Down

“Shahbaz ko kuch samjh nahee a raha tha ka who is confusion aur sharmindagi ko kahan le kar jaye.” He finally bowed down to his beloved Allah and asked his mercy and Reham:

“Ya Allah please bless us; please bless your beloved Prophet’s Ummah. We are scattered and shattered; enable us to help ourselves my lord. We pursue humble forgiveness for our sins and ignorance. Bless us with your Rehmat. Ya Allah, we want to become brothers again, please remove all hindrances and doubts in this path. On the birthday of your beloved Prophet (S.A.W.), we accept our mistakes, show us way foreword and make us stronger enough to coup hindrances in this way. Ameen”

“Do not wait for some Leader to come, lead yourself right away. Hypocrisy will not take you anywhere. Be practical and believe in Allah. Strive and Even if you fail, you will be satisfied to leave this world thinking I GAVE MY BEST.” Someone inside him murmured…Shahbaz was smiling this time!

Who Shahbaz actually is???

Shahbaz is hidden in each and every one of us. Shahbaz wants to become Shaheen of Iqbal and break all the chains of slavery captivating us. He is living in us whenever we want to speak truth. Whenever we want to become ourselves; whenever our Zameer stands against our mistakes and blunders. Shahbaz is that person who hates wide gaps between theory and practice and wants to achieve whatever he was taught in his early ages and wants to do whatever he actually praises. Shahbaz want to retrieve his Identity and break all signs and signals of Slavery. Shahbaz helps me communicate with you. Recognize Shahbaz, We all are Shahbaz, ME and YOU!

To all of you:

Lets recite Darud Shareef in the honor of THE GREATEST OF ALL who (S.A.W.) is so remarkable and world will not witness anybody like him again.

I wish all readers a “Happy EID-E-MILAD Nabi (S.A.W.)” and a blessed month of Rabi-ul-Awwal…


This was first published in following, firstly on 13th January,2014

A VISIT TO PAKISTAN: “Notes from a Karachite expatriate’s diary”…#10


I had a chance of comparatively longer visit to Pakistan last October-November (2013) during my annual vacations. My trip is usually limited to Karachi but this time around it included a week long stay in Punjab.

Roaming in Punjab

I took a rather long flight to Lahore. From there, I had to travel to Sargodhafor two days stay. We were on our way from Allama Iqbal Airport and saw all lights shut down on the Lahore ring road and felt “Pakistan agaya hai bhai”. We touched the Motorway around 5:00 am and when the dawn came out, I was stunned to see the greenery and beauty on both sides of the motorway. I have usually traveled long road distances mostly in UAE, KSA etc in which the sight is usually limited to deserts and sandy conditions. So, I forgot blinking when I saw such landscape of Pakistan. The lush green fields, to both right and left with an odd innocent tree here and there; meant to provide soothing shadow to the farmers. I wonder what would be the feeling of Pakistan’s natural beauty including the famous naturally blessed northern areas. I made each and every effort to absorb the scenery inside me throughout the journey, so inspired that it can be recalled anytime just by closing eyes.

Model Mart of Sargodha

So, after that I reached Sargodha and had a great two days stay with my relatives. Roamed around the city and found people very kind and helpful. Each place I went, people instantly recognized that I was from Karachi (mainly through my Karachi Urdu accent) and gave even more welcoming reception after confirming this. I visited the “Model Mart of Sargodha”during a fine cloudy drizzling evening. It was great to see people enjoying with their families coming from all backgrounds. The most striking to notice was the carefree and open style of people. People were doing all sorts of activities without any fear which was a surprise to a Karachite like me who always fears for some incident to happen.

Baagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore Zoo and Museum…

Baagh-e-Jinnah 2

From there on, we went to Lahore for two days again enjoying the green ride through the motorway. The very next day we hired a private taxi (having a Driver cum city Guide) for a trip of Lahore. First of all we visited Baagh-e-Jinnah which is rightly famous for its old and oldest trees. The lush green Garden of Mughal time is really a treat to visit specially due to its very good maintenance. Apart from old trees, there is a mountainous path which many people like to climb. Also there is a beautiful “Bara-Dari” at far end of main entrance. There is an awesome library within the Garden. The library administrators specially allowed us (when they came to know we were visitors from Karachi) to have a round trip of library. The atmosphere inside was really peaceful and striking with many of students studying/working for their ongoing projects.

Lahore Zoo

From there, we visited “Lahore Zoo” which is also very good. Almost all categories of animals including wild beasts like lions and tigers, section for snakes to a big section of birds. Highly recommended to visit with your families. From there, we briefly visited the ‘Lahore Museum’ which is full of antiques and objects from Mughal Empire and even times well before. It also show cases art from Gandhara times.

Lahore Museum

There is a very good antique gift shop inside the Museum. I found the staff quite welcoming and Cooperative. Worthy to mention a funny thing. While coming In and Out of the car, I was strictly locking it and asking my wife to also do so. When the Lahori driver saw this, he told us with pride: “Bhai Sahib ap fikar na karo yahan aisi koi tension nahee hai,cheena jhapti nahee hoti hai itni main jagah pe, yeh Karachi nahee hai”Iske aage meri kia feelings thee’n, I am speechless…App samjh hee gayee hoge na!!!

Data darbar

While roaming around in Lahore city we recited ‘Fateha’ at Data Sahib. Also glad to see the Metro Bus project in service. People were very positive about this newly open project and believed that it’s fulfilling its purpose. I hope so they are right…We saw Traffic constables obeying their jobs with utmost responsibility and seem to be educated well behaved people.

Fortress shopping

We visited Fortress’ shopping mall that is very well maintained and its main corridor is mainly Female shopping Oriented. I was very surprised to see almost all ‘sleeveless’ dress display for ladies. Thanks god they still provide optional supplementary sleeves…

Badshahi Masjid & Minar-e-Pakistan

Then, we visited Icons of “Badshahi Masjid” and Shahi Qila.

Shahi qila

Shahi Qila was unfortunately closed when we reached there.

Badshahi masjid

Badshahi Mosque round trip was a real treat including the display of pious antiques on the upper floors near the entrance. I recited fateha for the Allama Iqbal resting outside the Badshahi Masjid with a large sigh having an intention to study him more than ever before. The food street just outside the Shahi Qila is awesome. Food though is a bit expensive but it’s very delicious and well presented. The well dressed, well behaved young Gentlemen selling all sorts of traditional food stuff with a modern touch. It was a real sight to see such a transformation. We enjoyed Gola and Falooda, Yum Yum Yummy!

Minar e Pakistan

Minar-e-Pakistan was far from our reach as we were short of time and while I was trying to capture it with my camera inside the car behind the window glasses of car. The driver stopped the car by road “Bhai sb aram se bahir nikal kar tasveerein kheinch lain, yahan koi snatcher nahee aaye ga” Oh I got some confidence and snapped Minar-e-Pakistan with a sense of Independence. The same thing happened at the famous Lahore Railway station where I took some snaps. “Waise Apas ki baat hai” I was afraid of every other person passing close by me and was ready for someone to snatch my camera. It never happened Alhamdulillah!!!

Oh Pity, A typical Karachite Behavior!

Observing my cautious behavior, the driver told me a funny event which he had with a family from Karachi. He told me once he was carrying a family from Karachi (who was visiting Lahore) to their relatives; he took them to the desired area which was a part of congested old Lahore. During the process, they reached a comparatively narrow street when two bikers were coming from the opposite side. The women inside the car when saw the bikers they sighed “Ahh Lo bhai agaye! (they were thinking that those bikers were snatchers who will now loot them)”. The driver on the other end thinking that these bikers are relatives of passengers he said “Acchi baat hai ke woh agaye hain”. When the bikers passed by the car without any harm, the women told him “We thought these were Snatchers”. Ohh then driver told them what he was thinking and calmed them down that “be patient, this is not Karachi; snatching is not that common here”…So this is a typical story of us Karachites…The man literally laughed at me at few occasions seeing my scary attitude as if I was a Goofy. Frankly speaking, I got jealous specially after observing the well developed ON ITS WAY Lahore. When will this happen to Karachi and off course every other beloved city of Pakistan??? I am still thinking trying to find answers…

During my Punjab visit, exposed to different people, there was often a discussion on the situation of Karachi and what’s happening in Punjab. What are the difference in behavior of Karachites and people in Punjab. Overall, I saw a welcoming attitude from different people I encountered. In the hotel (where we stayed) barber shop, I seek help from a man as to how to approach my Lahore tour; he was Gem of a man. He helped me a lot and told me each and everything required for a Lahore visit. In the end, he told me about his Karachi visit:

“The people in Karachi are not that welcoming and do not help the way I am helping you” he said.

“May be you met the few odd Guys, we are as welcoming and hospitable as people in any other area of Pakistan” I replied so as to settle down his negative perspective about Karachites. While I was moving towards the airport (luckily with the same driver who showed us Lahore) I saw big banners portraying Shahbaz Shareef.

“You are lucky that you got a man like Shahbaz Shareef in Punjab performing so well” I told driver.

“Yeah we are lucky, he is making Lahore an International city with passage of time” He replied.

“But do not you think as major stake holders and national leaders Mian brothers and other authoritative Individuals in Punjab should also spread this development fairly to others parts of the country?” I asked.

“You are right my friend, agar aap bare ho, ap baap ho tou apko baap ban kar dekhana pare ga. Sab bacho’n se aik jaisa salook tou karna hoga warna koi faida nahee hai.” Driver replied thinking deeply and deeply…

And yes, this last sentence is a key to my visit of Punjab and wrong perspective that many of us Karachites carry in their minds about People in Punjab. Common public is just like us willing to see all Pakistan in good shape. They have got nothing to do with biased things going on at the Top. They have similar feelings and often become victim of their own authoritative people. I have seen many people from Punjab saying “Karachi walo’n jaisa bara Dil kisi ka nahee hai”. Such acknowledging and welcoming behavior still exit, not visible on majority of media. We need to realize all this scenario/puzzle!

Beloved Karachi, finally…

Then I headed towards Karachi. PIA flight is already discussed in one of my previous blogs; just do not want to recall that again. It was great to see Karachi in a good shape because of the ongoing operations (at that time in October-November, 2013).I saw people moving freely like the birds who are being freed from the cage. I pray/hope for that day when all of us will be walking and enjoying freely without need of any such operation; and Karachi gets its due place and lives up to its potential. InsAllah!

In Karachi, I got involved in few household and outside works; also applied for few personal certificates through local Union council Office. All this left me with disappointments. Masses often complain lack of work, but ironically when you appoint somebody for some work; it requires real GUTS to get that finished because people tend to delay and ran away from given responsibilities…I found people in Govt. Offices incompetent and I am sure they can not write their own Names properly.

My visit ended and I took some mixed memories out of it. I did not watched news channels much during my trip and felt lot better nerves; lot of good things still continues to happen in Pakistan. It’s the responsibility of our Government and Media to highlight positive things and attitude within our people. Inter people connection needs revival between various cities/provinces to avoid Misunderstandings. Discouraging the ethnic mess-ups and restoring an effective transportation system are some steps that must be taken in this regard.

Life gets on its way after all things we see and face. Sitting outside the country, escaping from a busy and machinery life I often close my eye’s to cherish Golden memories earned while stay in my motherland listening carefully to what heart beat is saying Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Zindabad!…


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