Pakistan Day Parade and Shahbaz #34


“Mere dil ke City of Lights, Tu sada Abaad rahe!” 

“7 saal ke waqfe ke baad is saal Riwayati Pakistan Day Parade bahaal karne ka faisla”… Woooow shot; Shahbaz could not believe the announcement, finally when he realized that he was awake, his heart started smearing Yess Yess Yess instead of Dhak Dhak Dhak…With tears in his eyes, distinctive Pakistan Day parade scenes from his childhood days started moving in mind like a timeline movie…

Little Shahbaz was quite a fan of this Pakistan day parade since his early days. On 23rd March every year, all family members used to get stuck to the TV right after the breakfast. Shahbaz was taught to standup erected attention offering due respect for the national anthem and he used to obey this with utter obeisance; high aims and resolve to do something big for his motherland. He used to follow the latest developments in the missile technology sector and later on watching the march-past of Pakistan’s then latest missiles specially Ghauri and Shaheen missiles was a mere treat. That heartfelt chauvinistic run of SSG commandos was his favorite glee; blown away in the emotions he used to see them roaring past the Salami Stage Allah-o-Akbar, Allah-o-Akbar… Zealous fly past of F-16’s used to shake him all over with a sense of adoration for those lucky dazzling pilots safeguarding his motherland. The traditional floats showing individual regional culture and intermixed provincial harmony were also very attractive elements of this parade for Shahbaz. “One day I will also go Islamabad to see this parade” this and several other patriotic thoughts used to occupy him for the rest of the day…

In those times, Shahbaz did not cared much about what’s happening outside his country as Pakistan used to be his sole center of attention and he was so proud of his country that he had least time thinking about anything else. In those days, he did not knew about going abroad, getting foreign Immigrationor dual nationality and the complexity/philosophy attached to these things. Shahbaz did not knew about sectarian or linguistic differences, all the people present in the parade (and beyond) seem to be his family very close to his heart. Shahbaz was unaware of words like Hypocrisy, Mafad parasti Or Moqa parasti. Shahbaz did not knew about difference between theory and practical either…Watching Pakistan Day parade, he used to forget his surroundings and kept floating along with voice of anchor person narrating the nation’s philosophy, resolve of her armed forces and mountainous vision statements attached with various passing by elements…

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Then with the passage of time as Shahbaz grew older and wiser, things started getting worse specially after 9/11 and rise of Internal threats in Pakistan…Shahbaz witnessed downfall of his nation at all fronts. Morally as well as structurally, things started disintegrating. People had less belief in Pakistan and every other person was planning to go abroad and get some respectable passport. Inter-provincial harmony also dissolved with time and people lost trust in each other. Shahbaz also learnt the meaning of Jamhooriyat ka Husnand about ripe Sweet fruits from the garden of Democracy. Bomb blasts used to be a norm and Karachi was faded with bad law and order situation. Iconic structures including Quaid’s Ziarat residency were attacked by the enemy to demoralize Pakistanis every passing day. With each shot, yet another shining bulb busted inside Shahbaz’s inner city of lights. People feared to enter Pakistan and Gulshan seemed to be droughted…Pakistan Day parade was also stopped; as if somebody had exploded the brightest bulb in the city of lights!

Ahhh and then…the awaited 23rd March, 2015 came and astounded world saw the Power of Pakistan…The parade got all the conventional elements with a flavor of latest gadgets like Burraq and Cruise Missiles. Fresh airs of Ladies march past and camel mounted military band were really a treat to watch. Shahbaz enjoyed every bit of it; he saw a nation negating false impression acting together like a devastating punch testing jaws of enemy. Shahbaz saw his lost rhythm mesmerizing, rocking the world in the parade ground of Shakarparian-Islamabad. A unique nation getting back to the mark after falling down heavily…

Millions of Shahbazs and Shaheens of my country all over the world were smiling this Pakistan’s Day enthralled and filled with glee to see this parade again after a long time. They profoundly waited for this day and followed every bit of it with unexplainable spark in their eyes overflowing with flood of emotions while this parade happened in Islamabad. Ohh Yess we Did it again…

A nation is taking off. Millions of prayers and Duas for those who revived this parade and dedicating their lives for this fight back. Our City of lights is warming up once again. Shahbaz is ready; Labbaik for call of Duty. Pakistan Zindabad!

Pakistan Day Parade and Shahbaz


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Pakistan Day Parade and Shahbaz – M. Sultan Shah

Article No: 34

20th March, 2015: When Wahab Riaz Won Hearts #33

Although the world cup is over for us after Pakistan lost to Australia in Adelaide, Sarfaraz and Wahab Riaz’s sparkling performances reminded us of good old days when our players used to seal difficult matches just due to their immense potential and ability to deliver. They way these 2 players took the responsibility on their shoulders and delivered at the big stage is really an act of special brilliance. I will just shed led on Wahab’s breathtaking bowling today and what it mean in greater picture.

Wahab Riaz’s today’s performance has shaken many today by virtue of his heroic fast bowling spell which has been regarded as one of the most memorable fast bowling spells in World Cups. He stunned the Australian batting with his unbelievably fast and unplayable deliveries and also opened a gate of hope in the hearts of Pakistan fans all over the world. He fell short of the goal due to 2 dropped catches notable the first one by Rahat Ali. This shows what an immense fast bowling talent we have even after miserable loosing many fast bowlers in recent past.

Wahab took the responsibility throughout the tournament which is a great sign for the future of Pakistan bowling attack. The way Shane Watson was dancing to his deliveries was just an awesome sight for a Pakistan fan after a long time. He acted like a sole warrior fighting for the dignity of his nation but unfortunately fell short of a well deserved match winning effort. While going all out for this quarter final, Wahab did not miss any opportunity to react against Australian aggression be it mocking Mitchell Starc or responding to Watson’s remarks upon his turn. This shows mental toughness and proud character of this guy who stands firm holding the green flag and not compromising the dignity at any cost. Indeed great lesson to all of us…

The way everybody praised Wahab Riaz is also rarely seen for a loosing side player and surely earned him a very high place in the hearts of millions of fans around the world. The Australian win could not raise above to this star performance by a brave Pakistani son and it seem that “Sipahi Haar kar bhee jeet gaya

This was such a dazzling performance which can inspire all of us in our respective fields i.e. whatever the situation is, go with full heart with a passion to raise dignity of your nation. Whatever be the result, the self satisfaction will just be great as anything;  see this Man’s smiling post match interview.

Witnessing this performance and seeing reaction from all over the world let me say that. “On the 20th March,2015 at Adelaide everything seemed too small too tiny, the score board , Pakistan loose batting and fielding, the Aussie triumph…That ONE man Wahab Riaz was the only giant standing with his head up for putting a fierce display of genuine fast bowling as a revenge keeping his nose and the Green flag high above everything”. This Guy deserves appreciation and great reception. Respect & Salutes!

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