Snatching And…Aftereffects #43


Two of my office colleagues went to Karachi for their annual vacations this EID-UL-FITAR. After coming back, they told me about some great improvements going on in the city; mainly regarding progress in the basic infrastructure and enhanced law and order situation. “Not a single day was wasted” one of them exclaimed. I was so pumped to hear all this and left for Karachi (for my vacations) after few days packed up with confidence and spirit.

I mainly use my Motor bike for routine works near my house in Karachi. While alone, I carry an old office bag for keeping the grocery and other items in tact while riding the bike. On the 8th September, 2015 I was returning back after getting some fresh and long life milk for household and my little son. It was around 10:30pm at night while our area was observing load shedding. I purchased easy load for my prepaid mobile service and afterwards stopped in front of my house. While I was getting off the bike, 2 bikers quickly stopped beside me and angrily said “Ooaay” and the back sitter started to pull something out under his T-shirt. Straight away I sensed that I am going to get looted at Gun point, Aaah so near to my home…I calmed them down by saying “Bhai de raha hoon, de raha hooon” and handed over my Wallet and Mobile to them. Seeing my Co-operation, they were much relaxed now and I thought it was over. “Bag bhee de..” they ordered. “It’s just milk inside the bag” I muttered. But they took over the Bag and went flashing in front of me…

I was so shaken at all this that I just ran into my house and told my family about this. “Hurry, Bring the Bike inside otherwise it might get theft as well” my wife screeched. The boys in the street did realize about this and people started visiting me and asking about the incident. Apart from color copies of my identity cards, I lost ATM card inside the wallet. I got it blocked straight away along with the mobile SIM card.

After snatching incident, I was scared and terrified. I and my family observed utmost care after this event inside the house and wherever we went. But the trouble followed my till my last day in Karachi due to all this. I started carrying limited money for shopping and many times I fell short of cash and had to go round and round for purchases; this wasted quite a lot of time and energy. I missed out some documentation formalities few times because of loosing important photocopies inside stolen wallet.

Colored copy of my Motorcycle’s Papers was also lost in the robbery. I tried to search for the original papers but could not find it due to haste and hurry. The fear of getting caught with police snap checking always grabbed my mind whenever I went outside on bike. At last, Traffic police stopped me just 2 days before my departure from Karachi.” Copy of my Bike’s papers was lost in a burglary and I could not find the Original thereafter” I said straightly to the policeman. He took Duplicate of my NIC and Driving License and said “Don’t you know it’s Rs.500 Fine if you do not register FIR for lost papers? We can lift your vehicle now as well” He was talking with a register in his hand containing list of various drivers. “Sultan Shah jurmana bharo Rs.200 aur apne Documents jald pooray karo” he said in a mechanical way. I gave him Rs.200 getting no paper, receipt or entry whatsoever and ran away for my next important work.

From 8th September till my last day in Karachi, I shared this event with many people who in return told me their stories. I felt thankful to Allah(S.W.T.) who saved me from a bigger loss. I realized that these days, snatching has been limited from the main streets but looters have come inside the residential streets. Rangers should keep an eye on this as well. I went to Punjab after Karachi and found out slighter version of fear at nighttime.

Street lighting should be functional all over the country to have better visibility and reducing fear factor due to darkness. Masses need to be educated to take care of light poles and bulbs as means of their own benefits. Along with all other security features and activities, NADRA should also keep record of education and employment status of our people. Measures should be made such that nobody remains idle and purposeless in Pakistan.

I am back to Qatar which proudly states herself as the safest country of the Middle East. People rove and enjoy without fear day and night. Nobody will bother you or your belongings ever. People leave their homes without worry of loosing precious items. We have majority of expatriates here and all over the Gulf but people remain in limits due to strict Laws. At one hand, it’s great to be a resident of such safe country BUT it’s really painful to see contrary conditions in Pakistan. Government and Law enforcing agencies must try to eradicate mugging and theft as part of ongoing reforms/operations in the country.

One brief event of mugging can leave very bad impressions on you with a Domino effect giving rise to many other plights. Educating people and providing justice at all levels are in fact Key remedies to such tribulations…


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Article No 43

General Raheel Sharif and THE Shopkeeper #42

Gen Raheel

Karachi has lately been witnessing frequent turbulence of milk supply as a result of government regulations on dairy farmers…Farmers are trying to raise milk price as a result of (long awaited) forced dairy policies…We have seen few milk supply strikes as attempts to win their demands.

One such afternoon, while searching fresh milk from one place to the other on 8th September,2015 (being observed as milk supply strike); I reached one local general store and came to know that milk will be available by 9 pm. “Tu kiya bana rate barh gaye ya purane rates?” I asked the shopkeeper. “Rate wohi puraane hoon ge bhai, inki blackmailing ab nahi chale gee. Bhains colony se 16 main bande pakre gaye hain. Aur bhai ye sab bahut accha horaha hai, General Raheel ne sab ko tight kar diya hai. Allah ke karam se Raheel Sharif sab set kar de ga.” He replied overwhelmingly in a fervent voice. I had no chance other than to agree with the man.

Gen Raheel Truck

Gen. Raheel Sharif most probably is not handling dairy/milk reforms and other minor corrections going on in Pakistan. BUT he has earned such a place in hearts of a common Pakistani that their hearts testify that Raheel Sharif is behind every single straight act taking place in Pakistan. A place which Jamhoori leaders could not earn even after winning huge majorities in XYZ elections/assemblies…

While roaming Karachi in the last month; I heard many whispers such as. “Allah Raheel Sharif ko lambi zindagi de” “Raheel Sharif ne apne Ohde ka haq ada kar diya hai” “Allah ne hamari bhi sun li aur Raheel Sharif ata kardiya” “ Is dafa ye jo danda chala hai, ye bare bare Parda Nasheeno ko Be-Naqaab kar de ga” “Dekhte jao Raheel Sharif kisi corrupt admi ko nahi chore ga, Insha Allah”… Common men have started believing again and are praying for General Raheel and his team day and night. While I was requesting Prayers for myself and my friends via my parents dong Hajj, I spontaneously asked them to especially pray for COAS, DG-ISI and DG-ISPR. Later on, I was amazed at myself but then realized that this unusual request directly came from core of heart…

Quaid-e-Azam’s speeches were attended by people from all trades and classes, from most qualified people of that time to masses who did not knew how to read/write. While the question was asked to the poor non-qualified people “Can you understand what Quaid is saying?” they simply responded as “We do not know what he is saying BUT we know for sure that whatever he said is RIGHT…” I see similar sort of confidence being developed among the common people towards General Raheel Sharif as acknowledged by even many politicians that “Gen. Raheel is ruling the hearts of Pakistanis”…

Bravo General Sahib, may you live long to serve the nation and finish this dream job appointed by Allah (S.W.T) and his Rasool (S.A.W.)…Ameen


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General Raheel Sharif and THE Shopkeeper

Article No: 42



 It’s amazing how a Person with a mere Camera came from Thousands of Miles away and shake world’s Opinion about Pakistan

Thank You Brandon & HONY!

Social media has such Power that can change even consolidated opinions. It was a real surprise when I came to know about a foreigner running Facebook page Humans of New York (HONY) coming to Pakistan and sharing stories of common people. “Ahh he chose Pakistan as one of the two summer outing destination, that’s seems so unreal yet Cool Man“this was my initial thought and I started following his daily posts from beloved country. And Yes it was worth it; as good as witnessing some sort of fairy tale. Desperately waiting for the next story and trying to read as much comments as possible. Perhaps the first time I saw such an overwhelming response and interest from Global audience towards Pakistan.

HONY started it’s visit from the north covering parts of Gilgit Baltistan and then showed us stories of Humans of Karachi by finally ending in Lahore Lahore Aaay…All stories were so Inspiring, Powerful and Captivating.

When we talk about a general perspective of Pakistan; Terrorism, Human rights violations, Deprived Females, Intolerant Male dominant society and Fear factor are the things we can imagine off. But HONY showed against all odds that:

We have such admiring couples and respectful Husbands as well:


“He’s a very respectful husband. He’s different from a lot of the men in this region. He never stops me from voicing my opinions. And if he ever notices me walking down the road, there’s always hot tea and apricot cake waiting when I arrive.”
Passu, Pakistan

HONY showed the world how strong our family system is:

Family bond

“We lost their mother to a heart attack recently. And their father is overseas trying to find a job. So I’m currently Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, and Dad. Luckily I have five children and eighteen grandchildren, so I’m very experienced. There’s actually one more child at home—he’s eight years old. And none of them can fall asleep unless they are lying next to me. So I have to put the oldest one to sleep first. Then I get up quietly, and lie down between the other two. The only problem is sometimes they fall asleep on top of me.”
Passu, Pakistan

 There was a time (or perhaps even now up to some extent) when anything wrong happening around the world was somehow associated with so called sneaky, greedy and extremist Pakistanis. HONY showed the Pakistani also can suffer with ironies of life; a Pakistani may well be a deprived one.


“I tried to travel to a school for the blind in India.  When I got off the train, a man offered to polish my boots at the railway station.  He was very nice to me.  When he heard where I was going, he offered to take me there.  Along the way, we stopped to take a dip in a stream.  When I got out of the water, he had disappeared.  He’d taken everything.  I started screaming and crying.  I heard some kids in the distance, so I tried to walk toward them, but it was hilly and thorny, and I kept falling down.  When I finally reached them, they didn’t understand Urdu.  But they took me to some men who helped me.  ‘You’re lucky,’ they told me.  ‘We find a lot of dead bodies in that stream.’”

(Karachi, Pakistan)

 Extreme display of love and sacrifice contained within our society was shown by the following story. This is definitely one of the most inspiring things I have ever read…


“Shortly after we were married, I got tuberculosis and rashes broke out all over my body. They smelled so bad that I had to be cleaned three times a day. She always made me fresh food and made sure I had clean clothes every time I bathed. One morning, during this time, she asked me: ‘Would you do the same if I got sick?’ I promised her: ‘I’ll do even more.’ She died a few years ago from a brain tumor. She was in bed for the last three years of her life. Toward the end, she couldn’t identify people. Water from her brain would drain from her eyes. I ran home from the shop three times a day to help her go to the bathroom. I was always sure to turn her. She never had a single bedsore. In the end, the doctor told me: ‘It would not have been possible to take better care of her.’”

(Karachi, Pakistan

Our unmatched, Unconventional yet committed economic and moral support system was shown to the world where Pakistanis hold hands of their countrymen passing through trying times.


“I’m trying to help her figure out her future. I was working at the Sunday market, and she asked me for help setting up a stand of her own. She told me about her story and showed me her bruises and marks. I’m trying to help her all I can, but my means are limited. My own income is only 2500 rupees a week and I’m getting engaged next week. I’m trying to set up a committee to donate blood because she really needs it.” (2/2)
Lahore, Pakistan

Apart from above there were many stories showing Human emotions related to friendship, desire, love, etiquettes, tragedy & Regrets. It proved that people all over the world have similar attitudes & feelings; humans are made of sensitive Flesh and blood…

The end of HONY trip to Pakistan was as perfect as it could be. Highlighting the forgotten issue of bonded labors working in brick kilns. Syeda Ghulam Fatima working to savor these labors has acclaimed Global recognition as HONY departed Pakistan with a 2 Million dollars plus gift for helping the cause. I pray to Allah that this money is well spent to boost us even more.


I want to conclude the Pakistan series by spotlighting a very special change agent who is working to eradicate one of the nation’s most pressing social ills. Over 20,000 brick kilns operate in Pakistan, supported by millions of workers, and the system is largely underpinned by an extremely close cousin of slavery—bonded labor. Throughout rural Pakistan, illiterate and desperate laborers are tricked into accepting small loans in exchange for agreeing to work at brick kilns for a small period of time. But due to predatory terms, their debt balloons, growing larger as time goes on, with no possibility of repayment, until these laborers are condemned to work for the rest of their lives for no compensation. If the laborer dies, the debt is passed on to his or her children. The practice is illegal. But due to the extreme power and wealth of brick kiln owners, the law is often unenforced in rural areas. It is estimated that well over one million men, women, and children are trapped in this modern feudalist system.

Meet Syeda Ghulam Fatima. Described as a modern day Harriet Tubman, Fatima has devoted her life to ending bonded labor. She has been shot, electrocuted, and beaten numerous times for her activism. Quite literally, she places herself between the workers and their owners. The organization she leads, the Bonded Labour Liberation Front, is small but determined. It is working to set up Freedom Centers throughout rural Pakistan so that every bonded laborer has access to advocacy and legal aid. Fatima operates on a very small budget. So as we learn her story over the next few days, anyone wishing to help empower Fatima can donate to Bonded Labour Liberation Front here:

Hope that this issue is well addressed at all levels to eradicate this modern day slavery!

HONY’s visit to Pakistan has definitely changed opinion of many around the world towards our country. Facebook comments like “I want to visit Pakistan” and “Brandon you have opened our eyes” were quite common throughout the course.

Pakistanis were so excited around the world and was evident from their prevailing commentary. They felt of getting their pride back somehow. As HONY displayed our national colors moving in different parts across the country; we realized how beautiful our people are; we fell in love with each other…

Unlike many other social media discussion forums, we saw a very positive attitude and sense of understanding on HONY’s facebook page. Even people from India were generally appreciative and open hearted while commenting on various stories. It was like a Global team working together for a common cause. Love and Respect!

It is definitely honesty of HONY that is opening the eyes of people towards HUMANS from rest of the world. It’s again proven that somebody has to take an initiative to make things happen.

Few years back I saw cover page of an International magazine showing a scary scene with title as “Pakistan, most dangerous country in the world” and After every foul play by media, I thought when will other side of picture be shown…AND HONY did it; this stands taller then majority of mainstream media…We call it Naseeb (fate), an X person coming from thousands of miles away and creating excitement among millions around the globe with fascinating stories from Pakistan…HATS OFF HONY!

Although an overall positive and beautiful image of Pakistan was sent; it still remains a fact that our country is not a total heaven. We do have errors to fix, scars to erase BUT we are far better than what has largely been portrayed…We are the most Resilient nation of the world now picking up against all odds…Alhamdulillah

As the tour was being concluded, A Lady from some part of this world commented:

Sarah Bryant I wish I could find an adequate way to apologize for all the ignorant judgments I had previously made against Pakistan. There’s so much I didn’t know. If the rest of the world musters up half as much heart and resilience as the people you’ve shown us, we will find peace.


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Humans of New York showcase the true side of Pakistan

Article No: 41

A Tribute to Javed Chaudhry #40


Heartfelt Lines of Gratitude from a seasoned fan

Newspaper Articles seemed to be a very serious business for me at first place. Right from the childhood, I saw my elders discussing various columns and columnists writing on different issues; the most common names at that time were Nazir Naji, Azhar Sohail, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani; Jamil-ud-Din Aali and Ata-ul-Haq Qasmi. One day, I picked up the paper, tried my luck to read an article under attracting strange heading Zero Point written by Mr. Javed Chaudhy. The article started in a dramatic manner like a story and grabbed my focus till the very end giving a meaningful message. Woow, Articles are not that weird thing at all!

A very firm relation evolved from this point and Javed Chaudhry’s Zero Point became an integral part of my life. These 3-4 articles per week are a source of awareness, inspiration and motivation; wherever I go.

World of Javed Chaudhry is really diversified; amazing and colorful one.

Success Stories

Distinctive feature of his articles is highlighting lives of big and biggest achievers; telling sparkling success stories from local and international arena.  These are explained in such a dramatic and inspiring manner that it leaves a reader with a lot to think and relate. Javed Chaudhry has covered hundreds of such success stories covering almost each and every field be it Science & Technology, Politics, Education, Sports or Social work etc. His notable articles included personalities like Ex Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad, US President Barrack Obama, founders of Stanford University, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Khashwant Singh and most lately Ex. US vice president Algore etc…Local achievers included Allama Muhammad Asad, Dr. Amjad Saqib, Malik Riaz Hussain, Cricketer Mushtaq Ahmed, Hakeem Muhammad Saeed, Irshad Ahmad Haqqqi, Mumtaz Mufti and Qudratullah Shahab Sahib etc. Such life inspirations revolve around the untiring efforts of these people achieving the incredible with amazing philosophy of life. The comparative analysis gives us a pumping factor to rise and act upon the success lines of these individuals.

Travel Diaries

 “To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” — Danny Kaye

Javed Chaudhry is such a lucky person to have seen dozens of countries around the world. Allah gave him the courage and resources to keep moving in the brief spaces of a hectic life. He is perhaps that only Pakistani Columnist to have traveled that much. While traveling he shows us the culture, beauty and social systems from around the world. Very minute details are covered in the Dawns and Dusks spent near and far covering places from Thailand, Egypt, Dubai, India, Central Asia, Georgia, Switzerland, Norway, US, France and most lately Australia and New-Zealand. The readers learn so much from his experiences and with such beautiful style of Manzarkashi we feel the part of scene. Thirst of knowledge, bold expression of observations is quite visible as he travels from one place to the other. Very often we see him comparing community behavior and systems of these countries with masses and system in Pakistan; carrying an extreme desire that Pakistan become such a tolerant country carrying qualities visible in parts around the world.

Paris ki Udaas Shaamein mujhe bhee udaas kar deti hain Javed Sahib”…

Apart from personalities and travel, Javed Chaudhry often tells us lessons of life from un named Baba Jee(s) coming up with spiritual and Sufi definition of life. Javed Chaudhry also shares notable events from daily life in light of his strong comparative style. Nonetheless, his articles also shed light on the local Political on-goings with appreciation for performers and bundle of useful practical suggestions for our inconsistencies.

Zero Point books

His books which are compilation of his columns are real jewels to have in your collection. Cover portrait of these seem to be a work of Genius saying many things without saying. To date, 5 (or 6) volumes of Zero Point books have been published doing great business and satisfying the pursuit/thirst of knowledge for Pakistani public. The ending note on the backside Zero Point books gives a concise meaningful message to readers leaving them spellbound.

Gaye Dinoo Ke Suraj

His book on series of Interviews turned out to be an eye opener for me. Notable interviews includes meetings with Altaf Gohar, Mumtaz Mufti and Ata-ul-Haq Qasmi Sahib and excellent pieces written regarding Professor Ahmad Rafeeq Akhtar and Khan Liaquat Ali Khan. The reader indulges into a mystical mode while reading this book and becomes a part of Yadoon Ki Baraat with these Greats of Pakistan. Meeting with Mumtaz Mufti was a real treat and opened countless doors of discoveries for me; reading and writing Habit being few of them. At once, I thought how could someone speak such spontaneous fearless truth? From there onwards, I read many amazing books of Mumtaz Mufti and also had a chance to read Wasif Ali Wasif, Qudrat-Allah Shahab and Ashfaq Ahmad as a chain reaction. Gaye dino ke suraj is a must read for Pakistanis from my side.

Most striking thing in writing of Javed Chaudhry is high level of research based facts and figures for which a dedicated team is assisting him (as discovered from some of his articles).

‘Kal Tak’ Show

I was really pumped up to see Javed Sahib starting a TV show KAL TAK and his way of starting the program was just amazing where he kept on coming up with some sort of stories relating to the given topic of his show. However, it would be quite fair to say that his columns and writing skills are much ahead of the talking (style and timing) he do as recognized by many of his critics. He admits after all that he earns Rizq(major chunk) from this TV show; but the good thing is that he keeps working harder to justify KAL TAK much more. Thumbs up for a bright future!


Despite being a loving follower of Zero Point and Javed Chaudhry; I could not digest his acceptance article to claimed Abbotabad killing of Osama Bin Laden by US forces rather he could have raised his voice for getting some photographic/physical evidence supporting this claim from US.

After attack on Hamid Mir, he defended his journalist colleague and then praise for Malala Yousufzai could well be discussed in a much broader picture. He could have also shed light on the acts of GEO TV and the smelly and rotten atmosphere that Hamid Mir creates in his show. Factors which got these two among the top 10 most hated people in Pakistan could have highlighted in his work.

Thank You Javed Chaudhry Sahib

Javed Chaudhry commands splendid style of writing, variety of topics, amazingly diversified circle of important people and constant hard work; achieved such great heights of Knowledge and excellence. Keeping his educational and family background in mind, this is really an inspiration for all of us. He has been a great servant of Pakistan and has done his job with sincerity and honesty. I would like you to thank from the bottom of my heart for doing such incredible work for the awakening the nation. May Allah give you a healthy and blessed life my dear Javed Chaudhry Sahib and we keep on fetching benefits from the streams of your pen.


This article was published at following, dated 26th July, 2015

Article No: 40

Rohingya Massacre; a Wake-up Call for world Community #39

Every sane and sensible human being is alarmed and distressed knowing the massacre going on with Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. The news got more attention when few thousands of displaced Rohingya people were out in the Sea in search of rescue from the neighboring countries. But dejectedly speaking; not much has been done to stop this developing humanitarian crisis.

Global community has not responded very well to this issue which raises questions about the wrathful world affairs. The King of this world and noble prize winner, USPresident Barrack Obama’s concrete action is missing out of the equation while Myanmar Butchers takes us to the doorsteps of annihilation and social squat. I guess, noble peace awards have no worth if such events keep on happening all the time. My heart shouts out loud each day “Where are thousands of people who stood up with Charlie Hebdo as #IamCharlie despite of disrespectful acts from that newspaper; will they ever raise their voices against Myanmar tragedy as #IamHuman?”

Rasullullah  giving an example of Muslim unity said:

“The Muslim Ummah is like one body. If the eye is in pain then the whole body is in pain and if the head is in pain then the whole body is in pain”

Is there any pain today as Myanmar brothers face oppressors? In previous instances, we have seen brutal exterminations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine etc by Super Powers like US, Israel and NATO forces. The Muslim world tried to save their face by saying “We would have gone to stone ages if we had opposed their campaigns” and all like that. But Myanmar is a very small and less equipped country and being not able to stop dismay of our brothers is beyond comprehension. It’s Ironic and Painful to see such state of affairs of Muslim world. They failed in Saudi-Yemen conflict; they are failing again to protect Rohingya Muslims…

Worthy to mention here, Turkey has won hearts by sending their Naval ships to rescue Rohingya Muslims by rising to the call of duty. Turkish leadership deserves Salutes from all corners. Nevertheless, a United Muslim effort in such issues is still awaited…

Pakistan is already involved in many fronts and if one makes this an argument for staying back from this issue will really not be fair as a true Muslim and a real Pakistani. We can still create a Diplomatic pressure group with the help our brotherly countries. Nobody can deny the fundamental rights of human beings and this fact must be used to move the case of deprived Muslims of Myanmar. Remember Prophet (S.A.W) said:

“Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then [he must change it ] with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then [he must change it] with his heart. And that is the slightest [effect of] faith.” (Recorded in Muslim)

We can keep trying our level best doing something at our levels to at least achieve 2ndOr 3rd Degree of faith if not the 1st

One of my senior acquaintance suspects that apart from General massacre of Rohingya Muslims, the dead and deprived could have been used in the un-authorized trade of Human body parts. He says this after observing the body Cuts and Wounds visible in the pictures on web. The responsible and relevant people must investigate this aspect as regards to their professional and moral responsibility.

Role of electronic and print media has been terrifying while Rohingya face desperate and uncertain circumstances. The issue has not been given due respect by world and local Pakistani Media. We have time to show teasers of upcoming movies, we have time to show fights between useless politicians but we do not have time to analyzeMyanmar happenings. Is it because Rohingya does not have proper clothes on their weak bodies, is it because they are a part of this plot OR are they displaying worst professional negligence of all times. Only time will tell that… Ideally, media must act responsibly to highlight, analyze and resolve ongoing cruelty. This will surely be the most superior of Jihad in these times and will definitely avoid Regrets and Makafat-e-Amal in future.

Like every other issue, Social media has played a very positive role in highlighting and Myanmar Massacre. Social web platforms keep on knocking the doors of power corridors. This issue could well have been buried if there was nothing like social media today. However, there are hundreds of pictures displaying oppression; but it’s really difficult to fully understand and grasp the insight of this issue due to casual approach of influential stakeholders.

Muhammad Bin Qasim, with less arsenal ; flattened the Sindh right upto Multan upon the call of one kidnapped Muslim lady. Is there any Muhammad Bin Qasim today to help thousands of deprived Muslims in Myanmar? The Opportunity is there; time is passing pleading…Earning Satisfaction OR Regrets; it’s fully our choice!



This article was published at following, dated 06th June, 2015

Article No: 39

#Zarb-e-Azb #TheFantastic3 #WaitingforCommand #38

By virtue of fantastic efforts of our armed and intelligence forces, today we see an overall stabling Pakistan. We saw a depressing and all down state of affairs up to the Karachi airport attacks last year; when we had to bear shocks on daily basis. Then, Zarb-e-Azab started and showed unbelievable results; today we see responsible culprits being hanged, killed or arrested on everyday Alhamdulillah. The latest good news being the arresting of Killers involved in Safoora Gothattack and Wagah border blastsfrom Karachi. Vocal and bold attitude from the leaders of Pakistan Army, Rangers and Police is giving refreshing dozes every now and then. Today, we see much better response to 4thand 5th Generation wars and unbelievable success under brave and patriotic Army leadership.
Zarb-e-Azb was given an enormous boost after our innocent children were attacked in Peshawar on 16thDecember, 2014. It gave rise to full blooded strikes against the TTP and numerous notable successes all over the country. The nation was also gifted with notable achievements in the defense field like successful testing of various missiles and Burraq Drones for the first time. Revival of Pakistan Day parade was one very proud moment for us. Good news also included Chinese President Visit to Pakistan and signing of 46billion dollars worth of Projects including the lure Economic Corridor.
The enemy obviously did not like this at all as we saw the hostile response of Indian media upon each and every Pakistani success. RAW quickly came into action through their advocates in Politics, Media and then Safoora Chowrangiincident happened to add topping to all mess.
Nevertheless, Pakistan is really blessed to be gifted with General Reheel Sharif, General Rizwan and D.G I.S.P.R. Major Asim Bajwa in these deciding times. The proactive role of our army Chief is really worth appraising. He seems to be acting like the sole person willing to take responsibility at each critical stage. The way this Trica is moving around is amazing. Blessing in disguise, they filled the space of Foreign Minister quite smartly while dealing with US and UK and got respectable attention during all their foreign visits. Army and intelligence agencies are acting like a two edged sword complemented by DG ISPR playing an effective role in his press briefings and Twitter outbursts. Be it Peshawar attacks and welcoming students back in APS, Saudi-Yamen crisis, Naltar Valley incident or Safoora goth tragedy; Gen. Raheel Sharif is the very first one to reach places and co-ordinate with effected people. He recently appreciated I.G Sindh upon arresting Safoora goth culprits which is an awesome gesture and a long awaited treat to all patriots observing the on goings closely.
A very humble aspect of Gen. Raheel’s personality was observed while he reached the APC and shaked hand with the Gate guard (who is hardly given any attention his by anyone). He also reaches the forefronts of war to motivate his soldiers. These 3 brave Lions of Pakistan have certainly taken the Army’s reputation to new heights and gained confidence of every concerned righteous Pakistani around the world. Insha-Allah if they continue like this; I am quite sure history will remember them as reviving fathers of Pakistan.
Nigah Buland, Sukhan Dil-Nawaz, Jaan Pur-Soz – Yehi hai Rakht-e-Safar Meer-e-Karwan Kay Liyah
Lately, we were discussing the role of above Fantastic 3; One of us all of sudden spoke his heart out and said “ The way General Raheel reached Karachi right after the Safoora Tragedy got me emotional; I was speaking to my father regarding this: Papa General Raheel is just like our father. I want to submit before him and ask him to give me responsibility to take care and I will ask him not to worry after that as I am ready to safeguard my front for him. We have to rise above and realize our responsibilities as there is a limit to everything.” He was saying this in staggering voice and I was listening to him spellbound…General Raheel Sahib you are not alone, we are dying to add our parts in lifting Pakistan and giving a due punch back to enemy. You are not alone…#WaitingforCommand my leader! Distribution of responsibilities and getting a combined national effort is a must as truly said by Gen. Raheel lately that wars are not fought by Armies alone; rather it requires ‘whole of nation effort’. There are thousands of able and competent patriots within the civil ranks #WaitingForCommand today. A well calculated and smart strategy may well take Zarb-e-Azb to new heights.
Shahbaz strongly feels today that Zarb-e-Azbmust be expanded to all fields. It must cope with the corrupt politicians, economic terrorists, thugs, evil landlords, traitor media personnel, extortionists and those who see Pakistan with enemy’s eyes. Above all the Bogus Political, Judicial and Economic system to be given a total cleanup surgery to eradicate filth for good. This is a very ideal time to wipe out all the muck from Pak-Sarzameen as we have seen aftermaths of Afghan war from 80’s where the adventure could not reach it’s logical ending. If the other indirect elements of problem are not taken care, they will surely raise their heads once this golden era of our #TheFantastic3 is over. The system has to be put on a sustainable path. #NowOrNever
Azb is associated with our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and has never disappointed the Muslims, when it swung for the first time; it created one of the most fascinating societies of all times in Madina. Shahbaz is quite sure; Zarb-e-Azb will do the same today…


This article was published at following, dated 27 May, 2015

#Zarb-e-Azb #TheFantastic3 #WaitingforCommand – M. Sultan Shah

Article No: 38

One Azaan, One Namaz… One Nation; Insha-Allah #37


One of the very first few things I felt in Al-Ain, UAE after leaving Pakistan for the first time back in 2008 was observing unified Azaan at one single time all over the city. Coming from a typical Pakistani background; this was an awesome experience for me. At the call of prayer time, Azaan was aired from all Masjids in a synchronized manner giving a single voice with a very positive impression on the listeners. “Ahh Kash this could be implemented in Pakistan sometime”, I had always wished…Now the announcement of uniform Azaan and prayer timings from Friday 1st May, 2015 in Federal Capital Islamabad have created an enthralling impact upon the masses who always wanted to link themselves in threads of unity.

What’s long been happening in Pakistan is the self maintained schedule of Azaan and Prayer timings from the various sects and Masjids. People often feel concerned about the validity of these practices. In Karachi, I have personally observed Azaans continuing for around half an hour; voices arising from different Masjids in the vicinity one after the other. In such situation, while a person is observing prayers; Azaan is still heard from other Masjids. Voice of Azaans mixing within each other is also witnessed as one Mozin is beginning the call of prayer while the others are somewhere in the middle andend. A person’s reply to Azaan is also often bothered in the process.

In the similar manner, the timings of Jama’at also differ from one Masjid to the other. For instance Juma prayers between two different Masjids are distinguished as 2 bajay wali Masjid and 3 bajay wali Masjid etc etc. It’s often seen people running towards other Masjids after missing Juma prayer from nearby Masjid.

The unanimity of Azaan and Prayer timings will surely go a long way, Insha-Allah. At the first place, this will promote unity among various segments of society by removing one element of conflict/difference. The confused state of mind in the Azaan time (extending upto ½ hour) of Azaan will no longer exist and people will be able to feel and absorb the essence/intent of Azaan much more. Uniform Namaz timing will invoke punctuality within the public as they will no longer have relaxation to delay their Prayers.

This great decision is planned to be extended all over the country in near future in a good will to unite our nation. Seeing this in Middle East, I am very sure the positive effects will be enormous for Pakistan. Automated Syncronise Azaan may well be the next step which will further enhance unification. The acts of unity to be extended far fetched with the passage of time. In future, we hope that hate spread from some Masjids towards other sects will also be controlled and government must try to promote points of common interests between various religious segments. The Badmazgi of 2 EIDs should also be finished forever from this year. May Allah give courage to the people in power and infinite Barakat to those who are trying to lift Pakistan nation in these trying times…


This article was published at following, dated 30th April, 2015

One Azaan, One Namaz… One Nation; Insha-Allah

Article No: 37

Honesty Dishonesty Puzzle…#UnforgettableEvent #36


Like every year, this year also produced reports of cheating in Matriculation examinations and futile official efforts to root out such acts. While watching such a report that unveiled the cheating mechanism in Sindh in general and Karachi in particular; I recalled a similar event which very well explains the complex social behavior of our society, where Nazarya-i-Zaroorat often supersedes divine principles; a society which is still struggling to draw a firm line between honesty and dishonesty.

A couple of years back, having just started my career; I was working in the capacity of Trainee Engineer at Lyari Expressway project–Karachi. Me and a very good friend of mine were tasked to work at two different sites on the same project. We used to meet from time to time with respect to our associated work and shared our experiences frequently.

On one such day, perhaps a Friday; we were having lunch together along-with our Senior Manager at the site office. Suddenly, one traffic police man asked permission to enter the room. He introduced himself as a man performing his duties at the nearby junction and the subsequent information he shared with us was shocking and mind-boggling. He stated that he was an honest man and had earned Rizq-e-Halal for whole life; never ever accepted any bribe. “But today I am helpless due to a reason,” he said. We all were listening intently to what he was saying. “Actually tomorrow is my son’s Matriculation Physics exam and the cheating Mafia is asking Rs.2000 in order to help him,” he said.“Aik payee bhee kam karne ke liay tayyar nahee hain who log.I have paid them Rs.1000 in advance and now I have to pay them the remaining amount by tomorrow morning or else they will not facilitate my son during his exam.”

We were listening to him speechless. He went on. “I could have easily fetched the said amount by issuing Chalans on the road but I am not one of those dishonest fellows who indulge in such dirty things; I will pay you this amount in a few days I promise. I am giving this valuable watch as a guarantee,” he said and flipped his wrist watch immediately. “Please help me or else my son’s future will be destroyed”. He was about to cry.

We were baffled at his story and were clueless on how to react to this unusual situation. Our senior manager was a really seasoned, intelligent and sharp person, but even he was also swept away by the dismal account that had just been narrated. After asking a few questions, he took out his wallet and handed Rs.500 to the police constable saying, “I only have this amount to give you and you manage the remaining Rs.500 somehow”. He also returned the wrist watch back to the constable. After saying many thanks, the poor constable went out with a stern face as he still had to arrange Rs.500 before the next morning. After all this, we all were pretty sure in light of our experiences that it was a sheer true and genuine case. “Never give the full demanded money to anyone, learn this sooner OR otherwise people may exploit your kind attitude,” the manager told us and we noted down this golden lesson somewhere down in our consciousness.

After this incident, my mind got to thinking.. Many elders teach their children that “Beta kabhee ghalat kaam na kiya karo and Buray  kaam ka bura anjaam milta hai”. What face will such fathers show their children after facilitating them in cheating? This surely is an injustice to hardworking honest students. Is this not hypocrisy, will this not lead their children to do the same when they become fathers? At one point he had no compromise on Rizq-e-Halal and at the next opportunity, arranging to facilitate his son through cheating was a small thing for him.

This one event is a classic example that is reflective of our confused and double faced society in which we claim to stand proud and uncompromised on certain principles but are ready to give leverage to other things as per our convenience. Observing prayers 5 times a day as a true believer but indulging in dishonest practices as there was no other way out. We never practice what we preach, do we?

Only Allah is aware as to what became of that traffic constable and his son, but that experience has left a negative impression on me. Embroiled daily in a fight between honesty and dishonesty, the man keeps on knocking the doors of my senses saying “Sahib jee, I have never fed Haram to my children BUT Aaj mein apke samne  majboor khara hoon”. 


This article was published at following, dated 17th April, 2015

Honesty Dishonesty Puzzle…#UnforgettableEvent

Article No: 36

Diseases associated with advancements in technology #35


Lately, I have been thinking about the technological advancement the world is undergoing and the attached transforming lifestyles to it. Having witnessed the 90’s era which was not as technologically advanced as compared to today’s age, many questions often surround me regarding impacts of modern habits on our health. The purpose of this blog is to have an overview of such issues keeping in mind the feelings of people having different backgrounds.

Today, Overuse of Smartphones, Tablets and Playstations etc have proved to be a worrying factor for society. In Middle East, every other person is busy using mobile phones most of the time. At airports, earlier practices such as healthy conversations between passengers of diverse backgrounds or book reading have been replaced with activities such as operating smart phones etc. As a result, our eye sights, nerves and emotional characteristics are changing. Only future research will unearth the effects of using these objects crazily.

In Middle East, the people are used to luxury and an easy lifestyle. Junk food and soft drinks are commonly consumed. As a result; people often feel fatigue and dizziness and find themselves suffering from diabetes, obesity and cholesterol related diseases. In Pakistan, people are very less health conscious and spend minimum time thinking about their diet and workout activities. Food feast is a main outing attraction in which having a balanced diet is not given any care. When a health related issue is diagnosed, often it’s too late.

Most of us must have witnessed our elders used to be relaxed and less occupied as compared to us during their employment period and hence carried better health. Today, we see frequent periods of extreme pressure to deliver our tasks in a shorter amount of time. The fear of being fired also causes anxiety time and again. I have personally observed people’s hair turning grey and their faces turning haggard in no time due to job anxiety. This brings minor strokes to major infirmity to working individuals.

Pakistan used to produce world class players, a good 20 years back due to numerous sporting facilities and gaming activities of our young generation. Now, with the passage of time, many sports grounds have been replaced by China Plots, Marriage Halls or some sort of commercial buildings resulting in scarce sports facilities for the youth.

We conducted a small survey based on the issue pointed out above from qualified doctors having a Pakistani background.

We inquired as to what health challenges were stacked against us in the modern age, to which

Dr.Irfan Malik from Nottingham, Englad was of the view that the main health challenges that we are undergoing are vascular diseases (angina/heart attacks & strokes) and diabetes. A less active lifestyle also contributes to growing obesity.

Dr.Asaad A. Khan, graduate from Harvard Medical School (USA) divulged into greater detail. He cited increased availability of mobile phones, TV, cars, online shopping and security concerns as the main reasons which have led to reduced actual face to face interaction and contact. As a result, an increase in the incidence of obesity, heart conditions, Diabetes, High blood pressure and depression are being commonly reported.

Dr.Irfan was then prodded to guide us on how to get rid of such health menaces. To which, an improved healthier diet, more exercise, weight reduction, were highlighted by him as the key steps. Regular routine checks with health professionals e.g. blood pressure checkups, BMI, screening of blood tests (fasted glucose level & lipids/cholesterol), kicking the harmful habit of smoking, avoiding stress would prove to be of more benefit.

Dr. Asaad opined that we should not stop or halt the use of technology altogether. However, we can definitely reduce its influence in our daily life by making sure we are dedicating a certain proportion of our time to physical activities like running , jogging or playing cricket, soccer etc. He specifically said that the use of television, internet and mobile phone should not be considered an alternative to family time. Depression should be considered an illness and not a stigma and appropriate help must be sought early.

It was then that we asked him about his advice as to those people who were desk workers with Sedentary/Inactive Lifestyles. Dr.Irfan Malik said that they should take some time out of their schedules to work and work out. A healthy diet which restricts them from gaining weight is also advised.

Dr. Asaad spoke at length when we asked him the same question.

“People who have a sedentary lifestyle must inculcate strict exercise and diet regimes .They must ensure ‘exercise and diet holidays’ are also included in their lifestyle modifications as too strict a plan will never work and it has been proven that occasional “binge eating” can help body procure the minerals and other essential vitamins which might not be a part of the so called “healthy eating” plan.”

We asked our doctors then to point out some motivational tips for people who were not generally interested in their health.  Dr.Irfan Malik was especially of the view that South Asians in particular  had to cope withvascular diseases & diabetes as an increasing problem. However with drastic lifestyle changes mentioned earlier,  the impact & severity of disease can be reduced. We can live longer & healthier lives with better quality of life.

“Agreed some of our community members don’t look after themselves very well but ‘health is wealth’. Need motivational people from within that community to reach out to the other members. Or through the media e.g. more health/lifestyle issues discussed on popular TV shows. Many a times illnesses are seen as God’s determined destiny, however we are able to manage and reduce the risks.”

Dr.Asaad properly guided us by outlining methods to counter obesity and raise awareness about these diseases. He stated that raising awareness of such issues via social and electronic media is probably the primary and most critical step towards raising awareness and motivating people against these “silent” menaces which have infiltrated our lives. In addition to informing people about the hazards of sedentary lifestyle, obesity and lack of social interaction, we must also try to inform them of the benefits that can be achieved by make those all important changes in life. Things such as increased life expectancy, disease free old age and a prosperous marital as well as family life are under-rated but probably more important than most other things we worry about.

We next requested our doctors to shed some light as to how these health issues are tackled abroad and in Pakistan?

Dr.Irfan disclosed that many health issues are similar in Pakistan and abroad. In Pakistan free professional medical health care was less available in rural areas therefore less early screening for disease. e.g. only consult a doctor when the disease becomes too apparent. This results in the disease being reported too late, in certain cases. In England people have rolled out health/lifestyle programs in mosques and places of worship to reach out to a wider audience. Asian diet is very poor (but much tastier) compared to the Western diet. However the Western unhealthy fast food outlets are now established in Pakistan also. Also Pakistan needs to be cautious of health professionals sharing needles, as there is a risk of blood disease transmission. This can result in contraction of Hepatitis C/HIV diseases through transmission. Vehicular accidental deaths are very common in Pakistan; these risks could be investigated & looked at.

“I have only worked in Pakistan for a little over one year (my internship) following which I have been based in European and US based institutions,” Dr.Asaad revealed.” I do think that doctors in Pakistan spend little or no time at all on counseling (be it lifestyle modifications, disease mechanics or patient’s worries).Counseling and allaying patient’s concerns are much more important than the drug “prescription”, which is no good if the patient doesn’t take it. Having talked to a few Pakistani doctors, I must confess that a vast majority of them are doing their best to work with the limited resources they have,” he further disclosed.

Dr.Asaad also revealed that Institutions such as Agha Khan and Shaukat Khanum can be used as role models since they have practically shown how revenue streams can be generated from the able and paying. If used ‘appropriately’ they could help provide the best healthcare and expertise. Lastly, he opined that overseas Pakistani doctors were and still are an asset to their respective institutions outside of Pakistan. A vast majority of them would not mind helping out by delivering free lectures and seminars if a forum is built by the government to facilitate this passage of knowledge to their Pakistani colleagues.

In conclusion of all above discussions, it is safe to state that the modern technology has brought with it some serious health issues as well. We need to learn from people who become a victim of sedentary lifestyle and overuse of technology. Staying well informed, having a balanced lifestyle and spreading awareness among others are high calls for a sustainable future.


This article was published at following, dated 10th April, 2015

Diseases associated with advancements in technology

Article No: 35

Pakistan Day Parade and Shahbaz #34


“Mere dil ke City of Lights, Tu sada Abaad rahe!” 

“7 saal ke waqfe ke baad is saal Riwayati Pakistan Day Parade bahaal karne ka faisla”… Woooow shot; Shahbaz could not believe the announcement, finally when he realized that he was awake, his heart started smearing Yess Yess Yess instead of Dhak Dhak Dhak…With tears in his eyes, distinctive Pakistan Day parade scenes from his childhood days started moving in mind like a timeline movie…

Little Shahbaz was quite a fan of this Pakistan day parade since his early days. On 23rd March every year, all family members used to get stuck to the TV right after the breakfast. Shahbaz was taught to standup erected attention offering due respect for the national anthem and he used to obey this with utter obeisance; high aims and resolve to do something big for his motherland. He used to follow the latest developments in the missile technology sector and later on watching the march-past of Pakistan’s then latest missiles specially Ghauri and Shaheen missiles was a mere treat. That heartfelt chauvinistic run of SSG commandos was his favorite glee; blown away in the emotions he used to see them roaring past the Salami Stage Allah-o-Akbar, Allah-o-Akbar… Zealous fly past of F-16’s used to shake him all over with a sense of adoration for those lucky dazzling pilots safeguarding his motherland. The traditional floats showing individual regional culture and intermixed provincial harmony were also very attractive elements of this parade for Shahbaz. “One day I will also go Islamabad to see this parade” this and several other patriotic thoughts used to occupy him for the rest of the day…

In those times, Shahbaz did not cared much about what’s happening outside his country as Pakistan used to be his sole center of attention and he was so proud of his country that he had least time thinking about anything else. In those days, he did not knew about going abroad, getting foreign Immigrationor dual nationality and the complexity/philosophy attached to these things. Shahbaz did not knew about sectarian or linguistic differences, all the people present in the parade (and beyond) seem to be his family very close to his heart. Shahbaz was unaware of words like Hypocrisy, Mafad parasti Or Moqa parasti. Shahbaz did not knew about difference between theory and practical either…Watching Pakistan Day parade, he used to forget his surroundings and kept floating along with voice of anchor person narrating the nation’s philosophy, resolve of her armed forces and mountainous vision statements attached with various passing by elements…

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Then with the passage of time as Shahbaz grew older and wiser, things started getting worse specially after 9/11 and rise of Internal threats in Pakistan…Shahbaz witnessed downfall of his nation at all fronts. Morally as well as structurally, things started disintegrating. People had less belief in Pakistan and every other person was planning to go abroad and get some respectable passport. Inter-provincial harmony also dissolved with time and people lost trust in each other. Shahbaz also learnt the meaning of Jamhooriyat ka Husnand about ripe Sweet fruits from the garden of Democracy. Bomb blasts used to be a norm and Karachi was faded with bad law and order situation. Iconic structures including Quaid’s Ziarat residency were attacked by the enemy to demoralize Pakistanis every passing day. With each shot, yet another shining bulb busted inside Shahbaz’s inner city of lights. People feared to enter Pakistan and Gulshan seemed to be droughted…Pakistan Day parade was also stopped; as if somebody had exploded the brightest bulb in the city of lights!

Ahhh and then…the awaited 23rd March, 2015 came and astounded world saw the Power of Pakistan…The parade got all the conventional elements with a flavor of latest gadgets like Burraq and Cruise Missiles. Fresh airs of Ladies march past and camel mounted military band were really a treat to watch. Shahbaz enjoyed every bit of it; he saw a nation negating false impression acting together like a devastating punch testing jaws of enemy. Shahbaz saw his lost rhythm mesmerizing, rocking the world in the parade ground of Shakarparian-Islamabad. A unique nation getting back to the mark after falling down heavily…

Millions of Shahbazs and Shaheens of my country all over the world were smiling this Pakistan’s Day enthralled and filled with glee to see this parade again after a long time. They profoundly waited for this day and followed every bit of it with unexplainable spark in their eyes overflowing with flood of emotions while this parade happened in Islamabad. Ohh Yess we Did it again…

A nation is taking off. Millions of prayers and Duas for those who revived this parade and dedicating their lives for this fight back. Our City of lights is warming up once again. Shahbaz is ready; Labbaik for call of Duty. Pakistan Zindabad!

Pakistan Day Parade and Shahbaz


This article was published at following, dated 28th March, 2015

Pakistan Day Parade and Shahbaz – M. Sultan Shah

Article No: 34