The Lifecycle Overseas Pakistanis! #21

‘Having a look at lives of overseas Pakistanis in light of my first hand experience’ It is often said that overseas Pakistanis are of biggest assets for our country and often acknowledged by high level Officials.  Foreign exchange obtained from overseas Pakistanis is increasing every passing year. However, majority of people inside Pakistan might not envisage the … Continue reading The Lifecycle Overseas Pakistanis! #21

Karachi Airport Attacks…What does ‘Responsibility’ mean??? #20

Having a look at Karachi airport attacks, it was another disappointing day of reporting by the media. News emerge that one of the aircraft is burnt and could well take the other two besides it. Also reports of probable entrance of terrorists in one of the boarded air crafts. Media told us that they have now managed to … Continue reading Karachi Airport Attacks…What does ‘Responsibility’ mean??? #20