Overseas Pakistanis and Hajj #46

“An account of Issues faced by Overseas Pakistanis willing to Perform Hajj” I and my younger brother are residing in Qatar with our wives and kids; our parents and majority of family lives in Karachi. I and my family were too concerned about getting my parents to Hajj for the past few years. Both my … Continue reading Overseas Pakistanis and Hajj #46

Local bodies Election and Shahbaz #45

31st October, 2015…When Shahbaz Observed His Nation and … Questioned Himself! He is a hopeful Pakistani soul and follows each probable opportunity of change with enthusiasm and spirit. Shahbaz observed the local body elections held in areas of Punjab and Sindh on 31st October, 2015. He was present everywhere, from main cities to minor rural … Continue reading Local bodies Election and Shahbaz #45