Pakistan Super League (P.S.L.)…A Bundle of Opportunities #44


We should make most out of PSL!

Scheduled Pakistan Super League (PSL) in February, 2016 (UAE) is a breath of fresh air for Millions of cricket loving Pakistanis around the world. The feeling of owning an International cricket league is just amazing and expectations are really high. Before starting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) we have so many bench marks and lessons leaned from ICL, IPL and BPL etc and doors of countless opportunities.

PSL’s Venue

Pakistanis in Qatar were overjoyed when PSL was announced late in August, 2015 to be played in Qatar. Later, it was shifted back to the UAE; our favorite home outside home. It’s really good but I strongly feel at least few matches must be played in Qatar. Qatar is making all possible efforts to host notable International sporting and other recreational events. At the same time, they are building high class sporting facilities to cater FIFA 2022 World cup. In the shadow of so many business opportunities; Qatar is moving its focus towards Pakistan gradually. PSL is yet another fantastic opportunity to get the two countries together and share our past experience of organizing sporting events. This will not only work for Qatar to stroll towards future big sports events and also will give us an alternative venue for future cricketing series/tournaments. Having few matches in Qatar will show our thankfulness to this brother country that backed us when we were short of the event’s Venue.

Sponsorship Sector

PSL has potential to make a big Pakistani International brand with the passage of time. Apart from Key sponsor(s); PCB should spread the sponsorship rights into various segments. Pakistani entrepreneurs including TV Channels, Banking and Industrial sectors must be encouraged to embrace and own Pakistan Super League. From the telecast rights to kit logos and potential hospitality/tourism opportunities; well thought off sponsorship strategy can go a long way.

Opportunity for young Talent

PSL is a blessing for our new talent. Rising boys from Domestic arena will go into the league and get the exposure of the Best in Business. This will definitely help us in filling the gap of International cricket in Pakistan. Junior cricketers must grab this opportunity with both hands which surely is going to open new doors of success for them. We will surely get some future stars out of PSL.

Link with UAE’s business Arena

Dubai is the most visited city of the Middle East attracting visitors from around the world; famous for shopping and other interesting events. It will serve the players and spectators to enjoy some attractive night activities. Smart planning and hospitality management will certainly benefit UAE’s economy, business chances for various companies and provide a healthy environment for the players.

Connectivity with Pakistan

PSL can effectively be linked with some parallel activities in Pakistan. It can be telecast in cinemas as per public demand. Our cricket stadiums can re-live during PSL. Short matches among zonal teams can be conducted in grounds (just before a PSL match); after which spectators could have a choice to watch live telecast of PSL on screens. Food and gift stalls to be arranged to serve the masses. I am quite sure, people will be more than happy to visit such festivals alongside their families.

Menace of fixing, dark scars

We have seen issues of spot fixing, money corruption and betting during the IPL. PCB should make all possible efforts to stop illegal activities during the PSL. It should be mentioned very clearly in the code of conduct. Youngsters must be given special lectures before they leave for the event. Un-necessary mixing with the strangers to be avoided as any minor thing will be exploited specially by foreign media. All efforts should be made to get it through neat and clean and avoid awful situations came about in IPL.

Cheer Leaders

Dancing girls as cheer leaders just do not suit our culture and taste as a nation. We have seen controversies during the IPL related with economic and emotional exploitation of these Cheer leaders. We must avoid it. We have a diversified Desi culture; people with various traditional clothing/get ups representing assorted places in Pakistan can be shown off as Cheer Leaders. We have a potential to change Cheer Leaders trend. Just imagine four provinces and Kashmiri get ups waving their hands on fours and sixesAhhh awesome!


Pakistani players have been missed from the IPL over the years. The way our players were ruled out from IPL was just pathetic. I just can not forget that meaningful notorious Shilpa Shetty smile while names of Pakistani players were called on and all the buyers just kept silent instead of bidding. I fully believe that nature has reversed the curse and we all can see enormous ebb IPL is facing these days.

PCB should not run behind Indian Players; they will come anyhow if they wish to; no need of bowing down to BCCI. PCB should make efforts to make PSL a much better and zerocontroversial event. We have great chance to prove our metal, to surpass IPL; Insha Allah.

Fingers Crossed

PSL is a fresh start and ray of hope for struggling Pakistan Cricket. With sincere efforts and hard work, PSL can become a symbol of quality. Let’s hope that this tournament would be a success and eventually the league will come back to Pakistan in coming years.


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Pakistan Super League (P.S.L.)…A Bundle of Opportunities

Article No 44

Snatching And…Aftereffects #43


Two of my office colleagues went to Karachi for their annual vacations this EID-UL-FITAR. After coming back, they told me about some great improvements going on in the city; mainly regarding progress in the basic infrastructure and enhanced law and order situation. “Not a single day was wasted” one of them exclaimed. I was so pumped to hear all this and left for Karachi (for my vacations) after few days packed up with confidence and spirit.

I mainly use my Motor bike for routine works near my house in Karachi. While alone, I carry an old office bag for keeping the grocery and other items in tact while riding the bike. On the 8th September, 2015 I was returning back after getting some fresh and long life milk for household and my little son. It was around 10:30pm at night while our area was observing load shedding. I purchased easy load for my prepaid mobile service and afterwards stopped in front of my house. While I was getting off the bike, 2 bikers quickly stopped beside me and angrily said “Ooaay” and the back sitter started to pull something out under his T-shirt. Straight away I sensed that I am going to get looted at Gun point, Aaah so near to my home…I calmed them down by saying “Bhai de raha hoon, de raha hooon” and handed over my Wallet and Mobile to them. Seeing my Co-operation, they were much relaxed now and I thought it was over. “Bag bhee de..” they ordered. “It’s just milk inside the bag” I muttered. But they took over the Bag and went flashing in front of me…

I was so shaken at all this that I just ran into my house and told my family about this. “Hurry, Bring the Bike inside otherwise it might get theft as well” my wife screeched. The boys in the street did realize about this and people started visiting me and asking about the incident. Apart from color copies of my identity cards, I lost ATM card inside the wallet. I got it blocked straight away along with the mobile SIM card.

After snatching incident, I was scared and terrified. I and my family observed utmost care after this event inside the house and wherever we went. But the trouble followed my till my last day in Karachi due to all this. I started carrying limited money for shopping and many times I fell short of cash and had to go round and round for purchases; this wasted quite a lot of time and energy. I missed out some documentation formalities few times because of loosing important photocopies inside stolen wallet.

Colored copy of my Motorcycle’s Papers was also lost in the robbery. I tried to search for the original papers but could not find it due to haste and hurry. The fear of getting caught with police snap checking always grabbed my mind whenever I went outside on bike. At last, Traffic police stopped me just 2 days before my departure from Karachi.” Copy of my Bike’s papers was lost in a burglary and I could not find the Original thereafter” I said straightly to the policeman. He took Duplicate of my NIC and Driving License and said “Don’t you know it’s Rs.500 Fine if you do not register FIR for lost papers? We can lift your vehicle now as well” He was talking with a register in his hand containing list of various drivers. “Sultan Shah jurmana bharo Rs.200 aur apne Documents jald pooray karo” he said in a mechanical way. I gave him Rs.200 getting no paper, receipt or entry whatsoever and ran away for my next important work.

From 8th September till my last day in Karachi, I shared this event with many people who in return told me their stories. I felt thankful to Allah(S.W.T.) who saved me from a bigger loss. I realized that these days, snatching has been limited from the main streets but looters have come inside the residential streets. Rangers should keep an eye on this as well. I went to Punjab after Karachi and found out slighter version of fear at nighttime.

Street lighting should be functional all over the country to have better visibility and reducing fear factor due to darkness. Masses need to be educated to take care of light poles and bulbs as means of their own benefits. Along with all other security features and activities, NADRA should also keep record of education and employment status of our people. Measures should be made such that nobody remains idle and purposeless in Pakistan.

I am back to Qatar which proudly states herself as the safest country of the Middle East. People rove and enjoy without fear day and night. Nobody will bother you or your belongings ever. People leave their homes without worry of loosing precious items. We have majority of expatriates here and all over the Gulf but people remain in limits due to strict Laws. At one hand, it’s great to be a resident of such safe country BUT it’s really painful to see contrary conditions in Pakistan. Government and Law enforcing agencies must try to eradicate mugging and theft as part of ongoing reforms/operations in the country.

One brief event of mugging can leave very bad impressions on you with a Domino effect giving rise to many other plights. Educating people and providing justice at all levels are in fact Key remedies to such tribulations…


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Article No 43

General Raheel Sharif and THE Shopkeeper #42

Gen Raheel

Karachi has lately been witnessing frequent turbulence of milk supply as a result of government regulations on dairy farmers…Farmers are trying to raise milk price as a result of (long awaited) forced dairy policies…We have seen few milk supply strikes as attempts to win their demands.

One such afternoon, while searching fresh milk from one place to the other on 8th September,2015 (being observed as milk supply strike); I reached one local general store and came to know that milk will be available by 9 pm. “Tu kiya bana rate barh gaye ya purane rates?” I asked the shopkeeper. “Rate wohi puraane hoon ge bhai, inki blackmailing ab nahi chale gee. Bhains colony se 16 main bande pakre gaye hain. Aur bhai ye sab bahut accha horaha hai, General Raheel ne sab ko tight kar diya hai. Allah ke karam se Raheel Sharif sab set kar de ga.” He replied overwhelmingly in a fervent voice. I had no chance other than to agree with the man.

Gen Raheel Truck

Gen. Raheel Sharif most probably is not handling dairy/milk reforms and other minor corrections going on in Pakistan. BUT he has earned such a place in hearts of a common Pakistani that their hearts testify that Raheel Sharif is behind every single straight act taking place in Pakistan. A place which Jamhoori leaders could not earn even after winning huge majorities in XYZ elections/assemblies…

While roaming Karachi in the last month; I heard many whispers such as. “Allah Raheel Sharif ko lambi zindagi de” “Raheel Sharif ne apne Ohde ka haq ada kar diya hai” “Allah ne hamari bhi sun li aur Raheel Sharif ata kardiya” “ Is dafa ye jo danda chala hai, ye bare bare Parda Nasheeno ko Be-Naqaab kar de ga” “Dekhte jao Raheel Sharif kisi corrupt admi ko nahi chore ga, Insha Allah”… Common men have started believing again and are praying for General Raheel and his team day and night. While I was requesting Prayers for myself and my friends via my parents dong Hajj, I spontaneously asked them to especially pray for COAS, DG-ISI and DG-ISPR. Later on, I was amazed at myself but then realized that this unusual request directly came from core of heart…

Quaid-e-Azam’s speeches were attended by people from all trades and classes, from most qualified people of that time to masses who did not knew how to read/write. While the question was asked to the poor non-qualified people “Can you understand what Quaid is saying?” they simply responded as “We do not know what he is saying BUT we know for sure that whatever he said is RIGHT…” I see similar sort of confidence being developed among the common people towards General Raheel Sharif as acknowledged by even many politicians that “Gen. Raheel is ruling the hearts of Pakistanis”…

Bravo General Sahib, may you live long to serve the nation and finish this dream job appointed by Allah (S.W.T) and his Rasool (S.A.W.)…Ameen


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General Raheel Sharif and THE Shopkeeper

Article No: 42