My Fairytale journey of FIFA World cup Qatar 2022

FIFA world cup Qatar-2022 ended like a sweet dream last month. The journey was about one-third of my lifetime which I would like to sum up here in this article today…This article includes my experience of seeing development of Qatar and first hand experiences during the world cup.

میرا سفرِ حج

This is my first Urdu Blog in which I have summarized my Hajj (Pilgrimage) experience from last year while I went through the Pakistan Government Hajj Scheme. This blog contains a number of spiritual experiences throughout our journey. At one place splendid arrangements by Pakistan and Saudi Governments are mentioned. At other place, number of issues face by Pakistani Pilgrims due to Mismanagement of Pakistani Hajj Mission and associated people has also been highlighted. I request readers to forward these issues to people in power who could do something for common betterment.

A number of lessons learnt have also been shared for potential Hajj Candidates.

Prayers requested from all readers.