1781710_664295210299186_1350111447_nRemembering a robbery back in 2011’

I was robbed in Karachi back in 2011 at the Eid-ul-Fitar Chand Raat alongside my uncle while returning from EID shopping…They looted us at the gun point…This was my first such experience…When I look back, I re-call many small things and when try to sort out reasons behind them , I feel pity!

We had a happy round of shopping from the United King Bakery in Gulistan-e-Jauhar purchasing cakes and Nimko for the EID’s first day. We were coming back in a car which my uncle was driving. We were doing all sorts of Intellectual discussions which ranged from local situation up to the world politics. In the row of discussion, we were not very conscious of things happening around. Then, when we took a turn from Korangi Industrial area and suddenly we saw a motorcyclist knocking at the window glass shouting something loudly. My uncle tried to conceive what’s going on and a flash came in my mind that these are snatchers. I shouted at uncle to stop the car immediately ‘Gari rok dain, Lutairay agaye hai’.

We were stopped at a very SUNSAAN PLACE and during the stopping process, I asked my uncle to solely Co-Operate with them in each regard and not try to cope them…It was a Gang of 6 Guys on 3 motorbikes. We surrendered and they shouted JALDI JALDI CASH NIKAL…Uncle raised his hands asked them to take whatever they can find and lost his mobile along with cash…Since I am an obedient kid right from childhood, So I straightaway took out my purse(since they were emphasizing on cash only) and handed over to that guy who came to my side and said ‘BHAI SARA CASH IS WALLET MAI HAI’…worthy to mention, my Gulf sim was also in that wallet (So, In that sudden imagination, I was having a full KHUARI while re-purchasing Qatar sim coming back in Qatar)…But that guy was so generous that he took his full time to take out cash and returned my wallet after taking all the money…”HATS OFF MATE, meri khuari bach gayeee”…Believe it or not my Nokia E-72 remained in between my legs and was saved amazingly…My Obedient nature paid me, I handed over only what they demanded while uncle lost everything he had, trying to be Hoshiyar with them…Gals and Guys, learn with this thing for YOUR TURN…

Snatcher’s Generosity, Some Observations

While in all previous instances of people being looted, they often say YAAR RAQAM TU PHIR AJAYE GI, WOH MERI SIM TOU DE JATA, YA WO MERA NIC/CARD TOU DE JAATA…Dacuu’s have considered this behavior as we see in my case, the Gentleman returned my Wallet without demand and save me from queuing at sim counters and many visiting cards also were secured…

The other thing I noticed, at they Snatching time, the blood was all over their minds and they could trigger the button anytime during robbery…I think they were very young DAKUU’S coz they seems to be pretending this act and their voice was not complementing their actions. In fact they were fearful of counter attack…Thanks GOD they did not trigger!

In the end, they pulled out the Car keys and throwed it nearby…Uncle shouted O BHAI, CHAABI TOU DETA JA…Believe it or not, they stopped instantly and pointed out the place where they throwed the key…Well those thieves had ethics mate!

Reasons behind Snatching/Looting

Those Guys were aged around mid 20’s and must be compelled to do this job under certain pressures…I do not know whether they were able to take our snatched items or they were shot somewhere in the way…Such people mostly are driven due to social Injustice, lack of Merit/Opportunities, some political backing and Hunger…Or sometimes just for FUN…Whatever reason maybe, thorough re-thinking is required from all corners of society. As the time passes, we are indeed falling into deep crap…A society in which certain people take their own share of SADAQA’S forcefully from your pocket…

In Pakistan, different jobs are categorized based on pay scale and Glamour. Everybody wants to get a suited booted high pay job. If an educated person does not get some work, he also intends to do such things and is shy/shameful to work like working on petrol pump or in some restaurant. This is mainly because such professions are not regarded in our society and does not carry much respect. Why can not we realize that No work is Big OR small, the real thing is how you do any work…May we realize this sooner rather than later…

Message to Short Cut Guys

“Waqt-e-Dua hai…ajeeb waqt kuch hum pe para hai…Mazloom hee loot raha hai aur Mazloom hee lutt hai…” Distinctions are vanishing with time…Change in mental approach is required; government surely will not come foreword and seriously resolve these issues. People who are blessed also have greater responsibility to be aware of fellows struggling around. For people involved in such snatchings, “there are many other ways of earning/getting money and improving our economic condition rather than being involved in easy money which may have adverse impacts on lives of other people…Looting/shooting somebody might be a way of income for you, but it may sometime become life denting for somebody else”…

Above feeling is Dedicated To: All young snatchers/looters “Rather becoming a black spot to society, you must take lessons from our hard working labor earning Rizq-e-Halal who work day long but return to their homes with eternal satisfaction and pride”


This article was published at following, Published date 30th January, 2014


A Robbery in Karachi…! – M.Sultan Shah

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