Without Ishque and Junoon for Pakistan, Does matching of dates & days really matter today???

Right at the verge of 2014 dawn, we came to know about the resemblance (in fact similarity) between the Calendar of 2014 and that of 1947. Year 1947 being the year of Independence for Pakistan has a special place in our History and Hearts. So, some people celebrated this thing as a joy (all over facebookand social media) that this resemblance has some special meaning and that some revolution or positive major change is going to happen in Pakistan due to this similarity. I was also very surprised and glad to see this special thing happening. But it’s important to think, does this really matter today???


In 1947, Leadership was sincere and selfless. We see examples of Quaid-e-Azam setting himself a nominal salary as first governor General of Pakistan. We see him paying expanses for himself and his sister Fatima Jinnah’s personal items by his own pocket. We see the cabinet meetings serving only glass of water as they were servants to the common man and public money was sacred to them. In 2014, we see corrupt/characterless leadership and scandals about ministers which no common man think of. Leadership is having their wealth, interests and family outside Pakistan and running the business with a mindset of MUJHE KIA MILE GA??? In 2014, we see the country’s PM not trusting anybody apart from his family. We see him not bothering to attend national assembly sessions. Leaders (OR so called leaders) have lost their worth and can not go outside without tight security.


In 1947, people were having a devotion to Pakistan and its Ideology. They left their lavish lifestyles and forefather’s land on a concept/dream which seemed impossible to become a reality. They gave their lives to make Pakistan and to reach this sacred homeland. They did not knew what is going to happen with them in a new country but still they left their homes back in India and ran towards Pakistan crazily with Ishq and Junoon. In 2014, people are divided and few are those who are proud Pakistanis; mainly due an atmosphere of misery created around them. People do not trust each other and interested in their own interests only. People born with a Pakistan nationality have doubts about Pakistan. Person having a foreign passport is seen as lucky and something special.


System was very raw and Pakistan was just like a new born child in 1947. Still people working in Pakistan government Offices showed heroic devotion which is written with golden words in our history. They had fewer resources at the time but they worked untiringly to build the state. In 2014, we have almost everything apart from the will to work. Obviously, I am talking about the incompetent and dishonest people in the government offices. We have fixed rates for various government vacancies (as per best of my knowledge) and people aim to get back that bribed money with added Interest.

State of affairs

Within few years of creation of Pakistan, having above mentioned will and devotion, Pakistan became one of the fastest growing economies in the world at that time and even far ahead than China and Korea. PIA was amongst the best airlines in the world. Pakistan was unbeatable in Hockey and we were proud of our Identity. But today, we see a decline in almost every field and our enemies make sure to show us far worst picture than actual reality. Pakistan is fighting a very vague war and wasting her Army to thisAdventure which was never justified… Today, we do not know whether we are in a state of War or whether this is some terrorism. Lots of confusion all over!

Year of 2012

2012 was also a fresh air when we came to knew about 14th August will fall on 27th of Ramzan. Many of us compared this exact resemblance with Independence Day of 1947 which saw barakat’s of 27th night of Ramadan. 27th Ramadan came exactly or with one (1) day difference to 14th August, 2012 but we saw 2012 as one of the bloodiest and disastrous years Pakistan has ever witnessed. Nothing special happened!

It’s the mental state that Matters…

Like many others, I am also overwhelmed to see such resemblances but believe only resemblance will not do the trick for us. We have to awake thatPassion and Junoon for Pakistan again like 1947.We are confused in which language to adopt, which system to follow. We can not conceive and realize the presence of Quran and Sunnah as our supreme guidelines. Events which happened in two weeks odd of this January, 2014 have shown us the mirror. Under current circumstances, only some miracle could create circumstances like 1947 in 2014. We are short of will to struggle and belief today as whole nation. Faith in Allah and believing in ourselves and our foundations can make every year like 1947 regardless of matching of days and dates…


This was first published in following, firstly on 18th  January,2014

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