#Zarb-e-Azb #TheFantastic3 #WaitingforCommand #38

By virtue of fantastic efforts of our armed and intelligence forces, today we see an overall stabling Pakistan. We saw a depressing and all down state of affairs up to the Karachi airport attacks last year; when we had to bear shocks on daily basis. Then, Zarb-e-Azab started and showed unbelievable results; today we see responsible culprits being hanged, killed or arrested on everyday Alhamdulillah. The latest good news being the arresting of Killers involved in Safoora Gothattack and Wagah border blastsfrom Karachi. Vocal and bold attitude from the leaders of Pakistan Army, Rangers and Police is giving refreshing dozes every now and then. Today, we see much better response to 4thand 5th Generation wars and unbelievable success under brave and patriotic Army leadership.
Zarb-e-Azb was given an enormous boost after our innocent children were attacked in Peshawar on 16thDecember, 2014. It gave rise to full blooded strikes against the TTP and numerous notable successes all over the country. The nation was also gifted with notable achievements in the defense field like successful testing of various missiles and Burraq Drones for the first time. Revival of Pakistan Day parade was one very proud moment for us. Good news also included Chinese President Visit to Pakistan and signing of 46billion dollars worth of Projects including the lure Economic Corridor.
The enemy obviously did not like this at all as we saw the hostile response of Indian media upon each and every Pakistani success. RAW quickly came into action through their advocates in Politics, Media and then Safoora Chowrangiincident happened to add topping to all mess.
Nevertheless, Pakistan is really blessed to be gifted with General Reheel Sharif, General Rizwan and D.G I.S.P.R. Major Asim Bajwa in these deciding times. The proactive role of our army Chief is really worth appraising. He seems to be acting like the sole person willing to take responsibility at each critical stage. The way this Trica is moving around is amazing. Blessing in disguise, they filled the space of Foreign Minister quite smartly while dealing with US and UK and got respectable attention during all their foreign visits. Army and intelligence agencies are acting like a two edged sword complemented by DG ISPR playing an effective role in his press briefings and Twitter outbursts. Be it Peshawar attacks and welcoming students back in APS, Saudi-Yamen crisis, Naltar Valley incident or Safoora goth tragedy; Gen. Raheel Sharif is the very first one to reach places and co-ordinate with effected people. He recently appreciated I.G Sindh upon arresting Safoora goth culprits which is an awesome gesture and a long awaited treat to all patriots observing the on goings closely.
A very humble aspect of Gen. Raheel’s personality was observed while he reached the APC and shaked hand with the Gate guard (who is hardly given any attention his by anyone). He also reaches the forefronts of war to motivate his soldiers. These 3 brave Lions of Pakistan have certainly taken the Army’s reputation to new heights and gained confidence of every concerned righteous Pakistani around the world. Insha-Allah if they continue like this; I am quite sure history will remember them as reviving fathers of Pakistan.
Nigah Buland, Sukhan Dil-Nawaz, Jaan Pur-Soz – Yehi hai Rakht-e-Safar Meer-e-Karwan Kay Liyah
Lately, we were discussing the role of above Fantastic 3; One of us all of sudden spoke his heart out and said “ The way General Raheel reached Karachi right after the Safoora Tragedy got me emotional; I was speaking to my father regarding this: Papa General Raheel is just like our father. I want to submit before him and ask him to give me responsibility to take care and I will ask him not to worry after that as I am ready to safeguard my front for him. We have to rise above and realize our responsibilities as there is a limit to everything.” He was saying this in staggering voice and I was listening to him spellbound…General Raheel Sahib you are not alone, we are dying to add our parts in lifting Pakistan and giving a due punch back to enemy. You are not alone…#WaitingforCommand my leader! Distribution of responsibilities and getting a combined national effort is a must as truly said by Gen. Raheel lately that wars are not fought by Armies alone; rather it requires ‘whole of nation effort’. There are thousands of able and competent patriots within the civil ranks #WaitingForCommand today. A well calculated and smart strategy may well take Zarb-e-Azb to new heights.
Shahbaz strongly feels today that Zarb-e-Azbmust be expanded to all fields. It must cope with the corrupt politicians, economic terrorists, thugs, evil landlords, traitor media personnel, extortionists and those who see Pakistan with enemy’s eyes. Above all the Bogus Political, Judicial and Economic system to be given a total cleanup surgery to eradicate filth for good. This is a very ideal time to wipe out all the muck from Pak-Sarzameen as we have seen aftermaths of Afghan war from 80’s where the adventure could not reach it’s logical ending. If the other indirect elements of problem are not taken care, they will surely raise their heads once this golden era of our #TheFantastic3 is over. The system has to be put on a sustainable path. #NowOrNever
Azb is associated with our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and has never disappointed the Muslims, when it swung for the first time; it created one of the most fascinating societies of all times in Madina. Shahbaz is quite sure; Zarb-e-Azb will do the same today…


This article was published at following, dated 27 May, 2015

#Zarb-e-Azb #TheFantastic3 #WaitingforCommand – M. Sultan Shah

Article No: 38

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