Team Pakistan, a Limping Start #32

Come-on Guys, still 4 matches to go…

It’s not over yet!

So Far, So Bad

So, it seems that world cup is almost ended for Pakistani nation within 07 days due to a horrendous show down by our team and resulting series of events. There is consistency in two things 1) High vows and statements from our cricket officials and 2) Our declining bad performance. And social media has added due spice to it by zooming into each mistake on and off the field be it Selfies OR dropping catches. It seems an official exit formality is just around the corner…How Sad and down we are at the moment!

Younis Khan, the rock star of Pakistani social media since 15th Feb, 2015

He got a lucky entry into the Pakistan WC squad after his shining performance in the test series against Australia. He was once famous to keep an egoistic and dignified approach towards the game saving his personal values. He resigned a few times from the captaincy as well in protest to imposition from board officials. But somehow he seem to be a different man now as we saw his visiting tombs of political figures and visiting interior Sindh as a surprise vowing “Pakistan will beat India in World Cup”. Was this really required Younis? Topping to all this is his failure in the first 2 matches that has earned him a villain and mocking status especially on the Social media. I wish you would have focused on the game rather than making big hollow statements and buttering politicians for securing a safe future. It was not expected from you, come back old Younis please!


Making Useless Claims

After 6th time defeat against India in the world Cups, Misbah again emphasized “Our team is still capable of lifting the world cup” and we saw the humiliation of this capable team against West Indies very soon after this statement.

Najam Sethi, the Essential Man for PCB says: “No international team plays under the kind of tension our team plays in owing to media and public pressure,” and that “Nation should not expect very much in the world cup”.


Najam Sethi Sahib “Why the nation should not expect much? Why was there not enough backup ready to fill the gaps of accidentally dropped players? Why fitness level of our players is not up to the mark?” If you can make ways to enter PCB by hook Or by crook then why can’t you make ways to stabilize our cricket and make them mentally strong to face such pressure??? World Cup comes after every 4 years and you are saying not to expect much? Was PCB sleeping during these 4 years? Will such excuses continue forever???

If you perform on ground then there is no need of such statements.


Individual Performances

The absence of players like Fawad Alam and Azhar Ali is greatly felt as our team failed to play full 50 overs in both matches to date. Not to mention names, such players were so exposed who were playing for themselves only to run away from blame and securing their spot in the team for future. They played individual innings regardless of run rate required, made middling runs and left the late comers face big nuisance. Nobody tried to stay on the crease to see the match through with smart calculations. This trend will only sink our ship in future as Misbah going to retire soon and there is a lack of responsibility within our ranks.

Triumph is the only Way foreword

Keeping the two big defeats in mind, the fielding coach controversy, the questions on team selection and now the latest Moin Khan’s Casino scandal; Winning is the only way to rise above everything. Rather than giving muffled statements, give performance on the ground my dear team Pakistan. Try to give your best in the field; everything is visible and comprehensible on TV screens. If you lose after fighting hard; I guarantee Pakistan nation has the heart to embrace such lost as well. Believe in yourself, play as a team without fear. It’s difficult BUT not impossible!


This article was published at following, dated 24th February, 2015

Article No: 32

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