Ramadan Transmissions #23

An overview of ongoing Ramadan Transmissions in Pakistan

Are we doing justice with Ramadan???

And yes this is the latest ongoing trend in Pakistan after we have witnessed competitions between Drama Serial soaps and Morning Shows in past. You can spend the whole day easily while watching various Ramadan cum game shows right from Sehri upto Iftar time. But the million dollar question is that are these transmissions really serving the sole purpose and theme attached with this holy month?

Every lame person knows that this is a month of piety and self purification in which we spend most of our time doing Ibadat and acts of goodness. We abstain ourselves from distractions and try to be closer to Allah. Zakat and Khairat is done overwhelmingly to fulfill our religious obligations and helping those who deserve our attention.

The biggest disappointment is Amir Liaquat’s show in Pakistan Ramadan by Express News which leaves many of us with an unwanted feeling. Amir bhai showing All in All like attitude playing with emotions people. Attendees looking at him like the sole Messiah to get prizes, begging for tabs, mobiles and bikes…begging and persuading Amir bhai while closing their eyes to the Rehmat-e-bari spread in Ramadan…Amir bhai asking for Refreshing comedy shairi while people responding with ishqiya shari. Showing way biased behavior by blessing his sisters and humiliating his brothers; pardon me but the this difference in attitude is so evident in his show that one sometimes feel whether way he is conducting the show our trying to impress the female audience…Often wives are telling Amir Liaquat about their family problems and constraints in this live show (often begging for Bike) and their Husband is sitting besides her keeping his mouth shut and head down; why do not they educate people to only spread their hand in front of Allah and try to win Sawab and Prizes in Ramadan rather bowing in front of hosts of such shows…A very sarcastic video lately went viral on social media in which he is wadding a mango forcefully into the mouth of one of the participant…The biggest irony the background music for all this stupidity RAMAZAN RAMZAN HUM SAB KA PAKISTAN…mere waste of time with no spirituality, just using Ramadan as yet another tool for getting ratings and commercials…What a pity!

In contrast to Amir Liaquat’s messy circus, it’s really worthy to mention, Q and A sessions by Allama Kaukab Noorani sahib on Express news a really treat to watch and learn on different Islamic aspects. His cool and calm way with pretty smooth flow of address is really unmatched and is indeed serving great deal in this holy period of Ramadan.

ARY’s transmission is going much better as compared to above mentioned circus with Junaid Jamshed and Waseem Badami showing better character and motive. But the game show Jeeto Pakistan is somewhat of a disappointment. This game show started with two (2) days a week and went full fledge daily in Ramadan. I personally feel that if this was expanded due to Ramadan then the elements should have been revised by the program organizers as per status and taste of Ramadan. They could have added Islamic Quiz shows to distribute prizes. They could have arranged the competition of Qirat and Naat Khuwani. They could have initiated prizes on the good deeds of people relating to Islamic and Pakistani causes. But this touch is still missing while the game show is building each and every day. Even though the host has displayed a much better attitude and way of conduction as compared to other such game shows; I do not see any usefulness with respect to holy month of Ramadan. After spending good two hours with this game show what usefulness are we getting with respect to Ramadan?

PTV really stands tall among this ongoing mess and I personally liked the content and way of presentation with a descent host. Few days back I have a chance to watch a program in which “Akhuwwat” foundation’s Chief Mr. Amjad Saqib was invited and the host co-coordinated with in a very balanced manner throughout the course of program. He told us about his book and journey/working of his foundation which was very inspirational indeed. In the background, the Calligraphy competition was going on and prizes were being given based mainly on Islamic questions; attendees were showing much patient attitude. The prizes were less and show was less glamorous/rocky but the element of sooth and peace was there; I thought it was a very good effort indeed. May other channels could learn from grace and character often displayed by PTV…

Ramadan transmissions are also helping some genuine needy people through the generous Pakistanis around the world. People grab every opportunity to help the deprived through these shows which should be appreciated wholeheartedly. Knowledgeable Islamic questions are also helpful for the audience with sections of Naat and Qirat. Treating people with Sahri and Iftar is also a noble deed fulfilled during the transmissions.

The purpose of mentioning the above weakness is mainly to ponder if we are going in clash with Islamic teachings and soul of Ramadan. Are we doing justice with this holy month? Especially the way few programs are conduced in a haughty way should be curtailed. I wonder why people do not react to such behavior of hosts like Amir Liaquat?

Content is a key for fulfilling the sole purpose of Ramadan. Transmission time can be consumed in educating people with respect to our behaviors and societal obligations. Sessions of Tafseer-e-Quran can be initiated with programs on Seerat-e-Nabwi (S.A.W.). Scholars can guide people on how to get prizes from Allah (S.W.T.). Programs on Islamic trainings of house women can be started which would be a  revolutionary step. I have a very firm believe that if the TV owners realize the heavy responsibility on their shoulders and switch their attention from getting Ratings to a policy of Honesty/Justice; they will soon get the desired appreciation in all forms and that eternal satisfaction which is priceless…


This article was published at following, dated 24th July, 2014


Article No: 23

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