NAYA QANOON aur MANGOO USTAAD (2013 Version) #3

“Glimpses of my feelings on elections, 11th May 2013”

Observing this all election mess in Pakistan including Fake slogans and Tragic advertisements from various political parties, I am remembering NAYA QANOON afsana by Saadat Hasan Minto that we read in Matric Class in Urdu…remember Guys???

It seems that everything would be changed after 11th May,2013 elections and a golden period of Pakistan as a Welfare state is about to begin. Interesting fact being the participation of same faces or their offspring’s and people still sight a change. Incredible!

New style election campaigns in Political rallies and electronic media have been implemented and Promises kissing the skies have been made to poor AWAAAM. Public is electrified due to all this and preparing full time to Vote for a New Pakistan. So let’s recall that Afsana and then will I assert my perspective and predictions.

That Classical Afsana NAYA QANOON is made with the background of 1st April fool…A poor Tonga man MANGOO USTAAD (in British India times) working in Lahore somehow come to know by some of his passengers that there would be a NEW INDIAN LAW from 1st April that will change lives of common people largely. He became excited and desperately waits 1st April and also tells his fellows about this NAYA QANOON. He was 0% educated but keeps an honorable place at his ADDA due to his knowledge about things happening in world and his predictions. So with his God gifted self interpretation skills, he adds many things with respect to NAYA QANOON. He always hated GORA people and look foreword to 1st April for all his revenges as everybody will be at equal status after implementation of new law.

1st April Dawn he wakes up with pride and goes to work with an erected chest, somehow he realizes that everything seems to be the same yet he gives himself trust that things might start changing as the day moves on. After catering few passengers, an Englishman tries to take ride on his Tonga. He had a fight with that same GOORA guy last year and this time seeing him he is again filled with anger and decides to teach him lesson as it was 1st April and NAYA QANOON gives everyone equal rights. Somehow negotiating on rent and destination MANGOO USTAAD starts fighting and beating GOORA full bloodedly. Poor MANGOO gets into sheer trouble and police arrests him on Bad Attitude. While fighting and being taken to police station he keeps shouting, this is NAYA QANOON not the old days and you can not behave in same manner as you did earlier ,BUT nobody listen to him. One last sentence of that chapter as somebody scolds MANGO… NAYA QANOON, NAYA QANOON,..KIA BAK RAHE HO…QANOON WOHI HAI PURAANA.


Pakistan people are expecting big time for Change after 11th of May and will continue to do so until and unless this GHALEEZ system again starts smelling like a rotten egg. In Pakistan, politicians keeps shouting for Implementation of Constitution but ironically they only want selective implementation which serves their interests. Articles 62-63 has been mocked big time during this election process, I am pretty sure we will get Allah’s punishment for that. Islamic laws and Ideology of Pakistan seems an old and fantasy story for the majority of faces visible on media and mainstream politics. Objectives resolution, what Objectives resolution??? Islam, what Islam which Islam??? JAMHORIYAT HEE SAB KUCH HAI, SAB SE ACCHA INTEQAM!

Our aim was one, creating an Ideological Islamic Welfare state. How come hundreds of political parties be formed having different perspectives and solutions for same people? I have seen people from same family having sympathies for different political parties and how they are distanced and fights sometimes by these differences. One incident I can never forget when two Pakistani colleagues (having different political orientation) of same company started fighting after a harsh debate on political differences. That created a very shameful scene in a Multicultural working environment in Gulf region. Common people have same love and sincerity for Pakistani cause but are divided by some fake and imported Political agendas at hand. Solution is simple; we should lead our own lives on the principles(Islamic Ideology of Pakistan) which we believe should be implemented in our beloved country. Nobody stops us in having EHSAAN to each other, loving and supporting each one of our countrymen like brothers and sisters. CHANGE will arrive ultimately.

Disappointment is Haraam in our religion. I am not disappointed in our fate which will be beautiful InsAllah as Millions of lives given for Pak sarzameen could not be wasted anyhow at any cost and not for sake of this DEMONCRACY.


I see the whole Pakistani nation becoming MANGOO USTAAD after this fake,rotten and planted practice of elections. You will celebrate; you will cheer and in the end shocked & kicked from some government department by listening NAYA QANOON, NAYA QANOON,..KIA BAK RAHE HO…QANOON WOHI HAI PURAANA!

Note: This Article was first published on the following address on 22nd  June, 2013

Article No: 03

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