“If we want to be together and can display Unity in Patches, so why obey theories of conflict???”

We have lately witnessed a very tragic incident on 10th Muharram in Rawalpindi-Pakistan in which groups of people involved in a clash when the spark of sectarianism was ignited. Not only fought each other but also damaging businesses of common people who have nothing to do with that given scenario. People are angry on the incident they want justice for sufferers and punishment for the people responsible for this incident. And the aftermaths of that event, tension remained within the nation, strikes and hot debates etc. A pity to see a nation in such a messed-up situation which was created on the very concept of two nation theory. We evolved as one nation who was beloved having their own ways different from Hindus of United India. And a nation that carried the trademark and all ingredients of nationhood. A real Pity!!!

“Hold fast to the Rope of Allah, all of you together and do not separate”…

is the point where we started and now standing like nowhere and no direction. At one place, living in an era which claims huge advancements in science and technology, tolerance & civilization with such ignorance at the other place. There is something seriously wrong out here, serious issues.


Sometimes I feel, if we could spent the same amount of time and effort (which we waste in finding and blowing our differences) in our common interests, what would happen? Want to share an event witnessed sometime back. It was the third year of my University in 2005. One fine day, I was getting ready for my practical lab classes with my classmates. Arrangement of Lab Classes was such that the labs were lined up in a sequence and open grassy spaces were located just outside the buildings at regular intervals. Different trees were situated and pots of water and Bajra (Pearl Millet) for birds placed here and there. Just for a moment it was all silent and complete peace in the environment. I felt something different was happening in that moment. I observed and saw there were fewer students in the vicinity and a vacuum free from noise, what an amazing sight. Different birds like Sparrow, Dove and Myna all were gathered in a very close space and each one was eating something. Little Squirrels jumping around every now and then. The striking thing was that none of them were notching each other and were just eating calmly. Just for a moment I thought what special thing lies in that situation, why there birds who are different from each other bearing each other so easily? Instantly the reply came in my mind, Common Interest, that moment calls to eat and not to mess with each other and they were doing exactly the same. And YOU & ME goodness me, cannot we find common interest, things and ways which are not conflicting with each other???Yes we can, and I can give very concrete examples for that.

When you watch a cricket match, the whole nation becomes united and each and everyone commenting on the team’s situation with full interest. Regardless of any division, people prays for Pakistan team altogether. Celebration of famous Cricket world cups victories, what do they tell us? People gathering around each other in natural calamities like earthquakes and floods, forgetting all the differences. When I recall the spirit of people and their sacrifices during the worst earthquake in 2005 and compare it with today’s situation I feel very sorry. Can’t we display same integrity all the time?


Even in common masses nobody wants conflict, majority wishes to get peace to keep them going at a reasonable pace. When you are following your leadership (Or so called leadership) you have to be very careful to what they say and intentions behind that. The one who is spreading Hate and divide can never be our friend; surely…Such people are negating our very ideological foundations of One Islamic nation and deserve a different treatment. When we turn back to pages of history, we see that even the greatest of Imam’s in Islam had some differences with each other but they never paved ways of conflict to each other’s followers. What does this teach us? That we should not blindly follow the path of hate and direct conflict just on the prompt of anyone. Otherwise tragedies like Rawalpindi will continue to happen.

Difference of thinking and difference of opinion can be there in even a small household family. But if the family members start fighting up each other, they will be ending destroying their own home. Pakistan is our home and only shelter when all shelters are gone. People should be mature enough to focus on our common interests and ignore differences especially in today’s situation. Fighting on differences will only benefit our enemies who never wanted Pakistan to be created and prosper in any way.

Last but not least “Hold fast to the Rope of Allah, all of you together and do not separate” this is the only way we can survive and move forward towards achieving some pride in this world and peace hereafter…

Note: This article was first published on 9th December,2013 at the following addresses:

Article No: 07

PAKISTAN IDOL…(Entertainment OR a Slap to Ideology???) #6

A very unwanted feeling while I first heard it. When I Saw an add showcasing ‘Pakistan Idol’ with whirling bodies responding to soothing Music, “What the Hell is that?” was my first impression. Following the Western and Indian footsteps of a famous TV show, the whole scheme is planned for Pakistan now. It’s really not a surprise that GEO again hitting foundations of Pakistan.


What’s going to happen next? Holy auditions in which the young generation will apparently be dying to participate and become celebrity overnight. Judges will judge and pass their insight comments on people and selecting best voices that have a cutting edge attitude to contest for most Cool individual/best voice in Pakistan. A Dancing and singing Icon who will rock the stage and ultimately become identity and face of Pakistan. But the question is, does it really suits us and matches with overall thinking of our society? Was Pakistan created for this day? Does it fit to compliment word ‘Pakistan’ to associate in a singing/dancing show? I will explain my thinking in upcoming lines.

To second my thought of uneasiness about this show, I discussed it with my friends and colleagues and found that majority of them felt in the same way and disliked this idea. Young Generation is less convict as they are always waiting for something, some direction to follow and grabs opportunities overwhelmingly which comes their way. Teenagers, as we all know need guidance to distinguish between right and wrong. Majority of mainstream media just does not propagate the real Pakistani thought and culture and runs a race of RATINGS to attract the popularity within masses. So people run towards each opportunity, be it NACHLE or PAKISTAN IDOL…


What I understand Pakistan is??

1) A piece of land meant to be an Islamic Welfare state.

2) Pakistan mean ‘Pak’=Tayyab in Arabic & ‘istan’=Home, City or Place i.e. Madina in Arabic. When combined together, it become Taayyab Madina OR in other words Madina Tayyaba (Holy city of Saudi Arabia,s resting place of prophet S.A.W).

3) As per my understanding, our real heroes are likes of Hazrat Umer (R.A.)Khalid Bin Waleed (R.A), Tipu Sultan(R.A.),Tariq Bin Ziyad (R.A.),Muhammad Bin Qasim(R.A.), Jaber bin Hayyan, Allama Iqbal, Quaid-e-Azam, Jehangir Khan, Noor Khan, Arfa Karim Randhawa etc etc. Their accomplishments should be our source of guidance and idealism not INDIAN IDOL and STAR VOICE OF INDIA.


Adding to above, there are hundreds of such sacred things attached to Pakistan which have been witnessed throughout our History. So INDIAN IDOL type things really do not suit us. It’s not representing our background, aims, thoughts and culture. Still, today when our ship seems to be sinking, we see Grip of moral values and Islamist approach within our families. Unfortunately, this thinking is not depicted across the horizons and majority of media tries to follow Indian type format always propagating things against our culture and desires of masses.

In the absence of concrete training and direction to our nation, air of confusion and unsubstantiated entertainment is often aired by media specially GEO trying to replace above stated ideals/heroes with Dancing bunnies and attempting to create a hollow identity of our Nation. Being silent and letting them do whatever they want will not do any good for us. We can not control their initiatives but we can try to resist to the best of our capabilities. The concept of PAKISTAN IDOL is so Hurting and disturbing that I could not control myself to write this article as a sign of protest with a sense of Duty.


Pakistan ship seems to be sinking and media plays a great role by propagating crispy and negative stories about society (closing their eyes to many great and selfless attitudes within our people specially our Defense Institutions). The least we can do is to recognize our duty and obligation to this great motherland, we can try to block holes in this ship and stop hands of people making these holes. In this air of CHAOS and DISPARITY, my BOTTOM LINE for PAKISTAN IDOL show would be… pious word of ‘Pakistan’ to be removed from this show, GEO IDOL would be perfect word I suppose and then Enlightened moderates can enjoy as much as they can!

Role of Books in Era of Information Technology! #5

“Reading books is a dying Habbit in our Society that needs special attention/revival”

In this era of information storming when almost you can get anything and everything with a finger touch (via internet), debate on importance of books keeps itself alive. While the advent of Information technology and social media has changed the face of our society, we need to seriously think of what are our gains and losses in today’s world? The focus should be on reviving those habits which were our trademark someday…

Keeping aside books during your bedtime is an irreplaceable experience. Book reading just before going asleep keeps your focus in- tact and allows you to develop a high level of concentration. Especially in today’s fast moving world where patience and depth among people are rare to find. We often see people disturbed and complain of lacking focus. In my point of view these issues are a result of materialism and over involving in technology rather than sparing some time for nature/conventional ways. As one of remedies, I would highly recommend all to get companionship of books.

Getting knowledge via books remains a main element along with a great pastime which blossoms our lives in many ways. When we see developed and cultured nations of the world, we found that they keep books very dear to them. Even during excursion and outdoors where WE Desi’s are enjoy the party fulltime, these people still finds out some time to read books. One of my friends residing in Canada told me that there is a culture to go countryside and enjoy the books in peace and calmness. And many people specially plan this for their vacations. This difference of attitude is greatly visible in our understanding levels within other spares of life as well.

Reading books enriches your personality with calmness and balance which helps you in the real life as well. These days, people are more attracted towards visual things e.g. videos and documentaries available Online on different topics because it seems to be much more attractive and easygoing. Advent of different sort of electronic notebooks & smart-phones has also paved a gap between books and people tend to read on these gadgets. But I think that feel and impression which is developed by reading paper books can not be achieved in any other way. The reason is that when you read books, there is a much more powerful connection between you and writer with a high conveyance level. Flipping on pages and reading the message in solitude provide such enrichment that a reader carries with him/her and which is reflected in his actions as well. Moreover, the gains while physically reading paper books are long-lasting and durable as compared to other ways of reading.

A very humorous joke comes in my mind at this moment when the popularity of computers and internet were heading towards their peak and online books were gaining fondness. It was largely the time of desktops. “One man was proudly saying to the other that the era of books is over as now everything is available on internet and computer. The other man laughed and spontaneously replied; “you can not just take computer to your bed for reading an online book, you have to take a book for a real experience”… Still today, with multiple function smart-phones, smaller size display gadgets and ease of use; that sense of achievement of this classical habit of book reading can never be achieved.

Difference between reading paper books and visual study is like the difference between cooked food in steel pots on electric stoves and conventionally cooked food in mud pots on real-time fire. Many people prefer/regard the later as there is a very fine line of finishing/peptide that is worth enjoying…

Note: This Article was first published on the following address on  20th September, 2013



Article No: 05

Power of Social Media… A Perspective! #4

“Social Media is a Mix of Sweet and Sour, becoming stronger every passing day. It can’t be avoided…It’s life!”

Starting as an entertainment Hub, people never thought that Social Media will emerge so strongly and ultimately will get so much value and importance in everyday lives. Almost every prominent Company, Institution and Individual keeps their presence on web through various online media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter etc. It’s a complete world where you have online presence of individuals, advertisements for commodities, selling ideas, introducing new talents to the world, shaping up view points and much more. Expression was never that enhanced before, people share their feelings electronically that were never thought a good ten (10) years ago. Social media is continuing to gain Power with the passage of time and getting respect and attention from all corners.

As a normal attraction for a young man, I remember when I started using Orkut and Facebook and the main aim was chatting and getting in touch with friends via net. Then with the passage of time, multi dimensions evolved like thoughtful discussion pages, picture and video sharing, playing games breaking news links, signing petitions and arranging events & meetings. Nonetheless staging demonstrations and even claimed revolutions (Egypt’s Tehreer Square).This rapid evolution is really amazing and no wonder where it will lead in future.

People do not have to wait for a long time in order to get their views posted/counted, you just have to log on and post whatever you think is right even from the PC worth Rs.5000. Vast variety of news now break for the first time here like we saw in famous Malik Riaz and Arsalan Iftikhar conflict. It is also used as a litmus test indicator of Public Opinion. Slowly and gradually it’s becoming a bench mark for Opinion making. Various surveys are also conducted on Facebook during live programs which give an initial idea of what people think for a given issue.

Social media has made people brave enough to express whatever they think is right. The most amazing display we saw during last elections Campaign (11th May, 2013) in which people Hell fired various political groups which could never be thought in past. Especially young generation spoke their heart out trying to make an impact on mainstream politics. People were not that much bold and blunt before. People used to express themselves rather quietly and play between the lines often not directly indicating Evils and Villains of their lives. You cannot stop them now!

People in Social Media continue to vow their thoughts and often make a considerable impact on the mainstream media and politics. In fact outbursts on Social Media are the everyday things emerged out as feelings of masses. Everyday perspectives of such great variety were never seen before as now everybody has access to Social Media. Perspective raised from a very unpopular background can also gain a lot of attendance to make you famous overnight. Taking Pakistani point of view, WASU (a diehard Baloch Pakistani) who became famous by singing a song on Pakistan history and ultimately got involved with Shehzad Roy in the program ‘WASU AUR MEIN’ opening good food for thought. Then the latest sensation Osman Khalid Butt who gained popularity after his blogs on YouTube under the channel name TheLivingPicture.

Previously, in the age of Print media; we used to see rare whistle blowers who used to raise voices to some to undesirable acts while the mainstream media power hubs always kept things with respect to their own benefits and Game Plans. But now, forces representing thoughts and desires of common man continue to pave their way to fight against captivating individuals who control print/electronic media and rights of common man. You cannot restrict them, you cannot ban them now, this is the beauty of online community and immense power of social media as there is no ‘NAZAR-YA-I-ZAROORAT’ here.

Social media websites and pragrams are a great blessing for people residing overseas to be connected with loved ones which were never easy before. Nonresident Nationals keep in touch with their motherland and try to participate online with respect to discussion forums/threads on national problems. I also (residing outside Pakistan) make use of online media and sense of attachment is enhanced while we contact our relatives and friends residing in Pakistan and other parts of the world. My father recalls his memories when my uncle was residing in KSA and compares with recent times. He says that it was really much more trying for the whole family in past and we are really happy to see you on Skype every other day. Connecting is enhanced, people are relaxed!

Social Media can also be used to defy from facts which is a negative side of it. The biggest disadvantage which I see is deception. The pictures and videos, which can largely be crafted and used easily to defame anyone. This perhaps is the biggest drawback which should be restricted as this often disguises a common man. We saw worst display of forging and deceiving people in last elections where people portrayed various fake things against their opponents and tried to bluff and misguide masses.

Ethical use of Information and privacy is also a big issue while we talk about social media. Every now and then, we see the regulations and privacy options changing which at times is very difficult to grasp. Social Media groups may use your and my personal information for their own sake which might be undesirable for us. People using fake identity and blackmailing are also heinous acts which often denigrate Social Media.

Posting also becomes crucial sometimes as there are organizations which can monitor all the happenings too. I remember US President Barrack Obama once warning for whatever we post on Facebook and like hoods. Your personal information and posts can get you in trouble as well. Regulations are good things but if it is meant to lock minds, it would really destroy the liberty and truth which is a trademark of Social Media. Any Official regulations/tracking in future should be rational and ethical.

Speaking about Social media, some people call it a conspiracy (from International forces) to gather overall information and mind control sort of thing. I have seen people who leave online community with all these fears across their minds. They might als0 be right up to some extent but by doing so they are surly missing a big source of information, intellect and entertainment. On a bigger picture nobody is stopping you to express yourself (you can limit your personal information) and equip with the kind of activity/information you want.

Scheduling tasks to move in life is also a very important thing for individuals as all this online activity eats loads of time and takes away other advantages. Physical and outdoor activities among teenagers have reduced to a great extent as majority prefers updating their status and getting to know about others online. If we take out some ratio then it would be evident that new generation spends more time accompanying their Laptops, Ipads and mobile tablets. We must limit this and focus on other physical and constructive activities as well that would be much better for our overall development. A balance needs to be maintained in life, Social media be one part of life and not the whole life!

Online community is growing at a sprinting pace, people from all corners are joining hands to seek things and express themselves. Observing rapid development and effect on lives of people, it can be safely predicted that Social media will only become more powerful in future. It could also be used to take guidance for identifying needs, demands and desires of common man. Who knows it can drive various national policies with the passage of time. I see Social media becoming one of most powerful stakeholders in overall scenario thus effecting lives more than ever thought of…

NAYA QANOON aur MANGOO USTAAD (2013 Version) #3

“Glimpses of my feelings on elections, 11th May 2013”

Observing this all election mess in Pakistan including Fake slogans and Tragic advertisements from various political parties, I am remembering NAYA QANOON afsana by Saadat Hasan Minto that we read in Matric Class in Urdu…remember Guys???

It seems that everything would be changed after 11th May,2013 elections and a golden period of Pakistan as a Welfare state is about to begin. Interesting fact being the participation of same faces or their offspring’s and people still sight a change. Incredible!

New style election campaigns in Political rallies and electronic media have been implemented and Promises kissing the skies have been made to poor AWAAAM. Public is electrified due to all this and preparing full time to Vote for a New Pakistan. So let’s recall that Afsana and then will I assert my perspective and predictions.

That Classical Afsana NAYA QANOON is made with the background of 1st April fool…A poor Tonga man MANGOO USTAAD (in British India times) working in Lahore somehow come to know by some of his passengers that there would be a NEW INDIAN LAW from 1st April that will change lives of common people largely. He became excited and desperately waits 1st April and also tells his fellows about this NAYA QANOON. He was 0% educated but keeps an honorable place at his ADDA due to his knowledge about things happening in world and his predictions. So with his God gifted self interpretation skills, he adds many things with respect to NAYA QANOON. He always hated GORA people and look foreword to 1st April for all his revenges as everybody will be at equal status after implementation of new law.

1st April Dawn he wakes up with pride and goes to work with an erected chest, somehow he realizes that everything seems to be the same yet he gives himself trust that things might start changing as the day moves on. After catering few passengers, an Englishman tries to take ride on his Tonga. He had a fight with that same GOORA guy last year and this time seeing him he is again filled with anger and decides to teach him lesson as it was 1st April and NAYA QANOON gives everyone equal rights. Somehow negotiating on rent and destination MANGOO USTAAD starts fighting and beating GOORA full bloodedly. Poor MANGOO gets into sheer trouble and police arrests him on Bad Attitude. While fighting and being taken to police station he keeps shouting, this is NAYA QANOON not the old days and you can not behave in same manner as you did earlier ,BUT nobody listen to him. One last sentence of that chapter as somebody scolds MANGO… NAYA QANOON, NAYA QANOON,..KIA BAK RAHE HO…QANOON WOHI HAI PURAANA.


Pakistan people are expecting big time for Change after 11th of May and will continue to do so until and unless this GHALEEZ system again starts smelling like a rotten egg. In Pakistan, politicians keeps shouting for Implementation of Constitution but ironically they only want selective implementation which serves their interests. Articles 62-63 has been mocked big time during this election process, I am pretty sure we will get Allah’s punishment for that. Islamic laws and Ideology of Pakistan seems an old and fantasy story for the majority of faces visible on media and mainstream politics. Objectives resolution, what Objectives resolution??? Islam, what Islam which Islam??? JAMHORIYAT HEE SAB KUCH HAI, SAB SE ACCHA INTEQAM!

Our aim was one, creating an Ideological Islamic Welfare state. How come hundreds of political parties be formed having different perspectives and solutions for same people? I have seen people from same family having sympathies for different political parties and how they are distanced and fights sometimes by these differences. One incident I can never forget when two Pakistani colleagues (having different political orientation) of same company started fighting after a harsh debate on political differences. That created a very shameful scene in a Multicultural working environment in Gulf region. Common people have same love and sincerity for Pakistani cause but are divided by some fake and imported Political agendas at hand. Solution is simple; we should lead our own lives on the principles(Islamic Ideology of Pakistan) which we believe should be implemented in our beloved country. Nobody stops us in having EHSAAN to each other, loving and supporting each one of our countrymen like brothers and sisters. CHANGE will arrive ultimately.

Disappointment is Haraam in our religion. I am not disappointed in our fate which will be beautiful InsAllah as Millions of lives given for Pak sarzameen could not be wasted anyhow at any cost and not for sake of this DEMONCRACY.


I see the whole Pakistani nation becoming MANGOO USTAAD after this fake,rotten and planted practice of elections. You will celebrate; you will cheer and in the end shocked & kicked from some government department by listening NAYA QANOON, NAYA QANOON,..KIA BAK RAHE HO…QANOON WOHI HAI PURAANA!

Note: This Article was first published on the following address on 22nd  June, 2013


Article No: 03

THOUGHTS! A Kick up to Your EVOLUTION… #2

As a matter of fact, normally our actions got direct link b/w our thoughts specially while talking ,writing and doing something. Except these, BODY LANGUAGE may be a reflective of our thoughts and mind frame. Apart from this, most of the time our thoughts are not being directly materialized. Our mind is continuously in action while walking,traveling (in lets say bus), waiting for someone, observing various things around us.Our mind is really blowing when we are alone especially at night. Some great things come into mind meanwhile, some unique ideas, solutions to problems or some new questions etc.

Here, the basic point what i am trying to make is that most these thoughts are wasted because not all of us are great concentrators/retrievers(least there is no personality grooming system in place for us) and when we try to recall these things , we are unable to do so thereafter. In this way, we loose some really exciting things that could have changed our lives drastically in a very positive manner.

I think we should materialize our thoughts at the instant when things are being evolved in the mind. We can do it on simple piece of paper. This is one of my great experiences that when i started writing my thoughts and ideas, it soon filled one register page in 15 days or so. Then, when I exposed this to my friends, it was really exciting because so there were tiny flaws in certain things which ‘re being pointed out and few exciting and new questions that challenged up our thinking.


There is an outstanding and range of thinking areas and fields that human mind can cover. Studies, work, Literature or any existing stuff developed (theories,structures or formulations). Remember, nothing is perfect and final and there is always a chance of improvement for various things.

In the similar manner, its better to write your schedules, tasks and plans at your work place early in the morning, and then keep fulfilling and ticking them up rest of the day ‘ll help u managing yourself much much better.

When I compared my normal behavior and the things I wrote down, I realized that there is much more stored inside me than what I am actually contributing to this world now.I would invite all of you to try out this practice because that one line of thought/idea written can produce AMAZING results.The thought and Evolution process can advance up, that can become a major source to learn and produce effective things in life.

I accept, to Explain ideas in words is very difficult, but here I have tried to share one my most beautiful and shining experiences with you people so that it could help raising some important questions or solutions to unsolved issues in our lives and beyond…


Note: This article was first published on the following address on 01st July,2012.

In The Name of Pakistan (A letter to Pakistan) #1


Feelings of a son for his Motherland!

My beloved and Pious Country Pakistan,

I will not ask how well you are doing because the feeling of the pain that you are facing nowadays turns into a zealous feeling, a determination and turns into blood to circulate in my veins. Especially while I am abroad for the sake of job, my separation with you pins myself each and every moment of the day.

While a person is born, he/she learns from his/her elders and makes them an inspiration to live. We also are taught some very good things and then we follow them too. But when we reach the stage of consciousness and as we study our history to see the overall situation, sometimes I really feel ashamed. For the sake of their personal interest, what our Puppet and Selfish leaders has done to yours dignity and pride, when I think about that at one place my soul is shocked and at the other I start to think that is there anything named Morality and responsibility still exists among our nation? And that, is the fear of Doom’s day has been vanished from our heart and soul? After the death of Quaid-e-Azam and his close colleagues, this Nation remains awaited for some revolutionary leader just like that barren land who is waiting for rain for a very long time.

I firmly believe that my Nation is among the most potential and powerfully charged Nations of the world but despite of this all why these tragedies continue to find us? Just like a scattered crowd with no aim and direction and YOU, YOU always took us under your soothing shadow and protect us. We all are reaching the heights of thanklessness to all the blessings to which we are gifted to. Yours Ideological Base and foundation is the most precious treasure of my life. And when I see our rulers trying question this ideology and sometimes hiding eyes from this concept, I am severely hurt thereby .Such shameless people who tingle to hug a female USA VP candidate (Sarah Palin) at the world forums while they are representing Islamic Republic of Pakistan. People who spread their hands for aid making such senseless groups as FRIENDS OF DEMOCRATIC PAKISTAN to sarcastic ate a Dignified Nation. Perhaps people have stopped thinking or else they are hiding their eyes from the reality. Such a pungent atmosphere where people sigh even for their basic needs and your young and talented sons going abroad to serve interests of other countries. Have we got independence for this day? How can I share my sorrow with someone else as it’s only the motherland that listens and absorbs anything when a son weeps down to his limits. Countries that got independence well after us are far ahead at this stage and we are still trying to resolve issues between Punjabi and Balochi.Its a place where a third generation child is labeled as MUHAJIR. What non sense have we got into?

And thereafter I do not know from where I am filled with life and erected with sense of pride. I firmly remember those days while I was passing through exams phase in the 3rd year of University when a lethal Earthquake had struck our country’s Northern part in 2005.The whole nation got together and sacrificed each and everything for their suffering brothers and sisters. Nobody else can show such extreme passion and mobility as we are the successors of Brave-Hearted forefathers. The great will, that your sons showed in the Prime Ministers’ QARZ UTARO MULK SANWARO SCHEME is rarely seen elsewhere. Then, the latest thrilling stuff of Cricket World Cup, 2011 when Nation showed a great passion and love for you and ultimately accepted the defeat with outstanding dignity. What really happen after all these events???Why does segregation takes over Unity. What is the reason behind this?

Initially, I thought that there is something missing among ourselves but by the passage of time I have realized that this all happens due to your Ideological base. Outsiders fear your existance.They cannot see an Islamic Welfare state flourishing in front of their eyes. Your enemies are the largest in this world I suppose and adding a topping to all that, some of our own people have become traitors and sell your dignity to enemy. I do not know what do these traitors really think and why do they sell their Nation? I am answerless to this question.

I cannot well explain regarding the previous generations but I have seen an everlasting will and Passion in today’s youth. The passion to revive your Dignity and pride. The passion to bring back the Ideology and fulfill all dreams of Iqbal. I firmly believe that we can least expect anything from our today’s leadership. We cannot go below the point where we are standing right now. That’s why I am positive that this is the point where you will start to raise InshAllah and will reach a Zenith height of Glory. From now on, you will only go upwards InshAllah. Under your shadow, we will build a Fort which will protect all Muslims of the world Inshallah. Circumstances are saying something else, but I do not know why my heart still gives testimony for you to resurge.

Right from the days of childhood, I have been listening that we need a leader who will come and show us the right path and will take us to the great destiny. Every other person says this. But my heart guides me that the right path is only that we learn initially (in our childhood days).The path of truth, path of Unity, the path of believing in your own skills. We know all these paths the only thing lacking is the action and determination. Everyone is the leader for himself. The ray of light that we are searching across the horizons is in fact hidden inside our own existence. We just need to concentrate and think in positive manner.

By the way, there is a long and never ending story of intense feeling for you hidden in my heart that perhaps will never end. Even though you are injured at this moment but InshAllah we will take you out from this worst situation. Perhaps I will never be able to express that love which my heart carries for you because the man has been unable to invent those words that can express my passion for you. Your love and admiration is the precious treasure of my life.O’ my beloved country, please always keep myself in yours soothing shadow.

Perhaps the people are right who say that PAISTAN KA ALLAH HEE HAFIZ HY but I say that if Allah is protecting you then we (Your Sons) are yours guardians. With the blessing of Allah, each and every one of your son will protect you till his last drop of blood. Always!

I am not shy to express my Love for you that you are the only love of my life.

May Allah always keeps you rising and prosper.

Sohny Dhartee Allah Rakhay,

Qadam Qadam Abaad Tujhe

Note: This Article was first published on the following address on 26th April,2011


Article No: 01